12 Splurge Worthy Luxury Pajama Brands

I’m realizing more and more each day that it is #allthelittlethings — As I embarked on an incredible and challenging journey this year, I’m nostalgic about my 20’s and early 30’s. I may have been a mess and lacked clarity about certain things, but I made an effort when it came to me.

For instance, I had an evening routine fit for a Queen (or the Queen I thought myself to be at that time). It was non-negotiable for me. I got dressed for bed, didn’t go to bed without a spritz of whichever sleep perfume I planned on wearing that night, nightly neck rubs, bath nights, etc. — friends often called my nightly rituals self-indulgent, but I felt good, seen, and sexy.

I left that girl behind, actually, I’d forgotten about her — life can do that to you when you let it. As I work through discovering or rediscovering myself, I’m leaning into things that I once enjoyed, liked, or loved. I’m not sure I still do enjoy, like, or love many of the things I once did, but I’m being curious and I am experimenting to rediscover or discover.

This year I’ve been embracing getting dressed for bed, and no, it’s not pandemic influenced. It’s all about me. Instead of grabbing an old T-shirt, I’m being more intentional, and it’s brought back my love and appreciation for Luxury sleepwear. 

In my 20’s and early 30’s it was about going to bed sexy and feeling good (and a boy didn’t influence it). I felt really great giving myself that time — I felt appreciated. 

Back then, Victoria’s Secret, Saks, and Bloomingdales were my go-to place for sleepwear. There are an unusual amount of options (thank you pandemic). But my preference has evolved — luxury is still non-negotiable, but now it’s not about sexy; it’s all about sexy comfort and quality. 

Keep scrolling to discover 12 of the best sleepwear brands, from elegant silks to cozy pieces of cotton.



The understated Luxury, timeless styles, and quality make this brand a favorite. I love their robes, Chemises, and tank Gowns. I also love their boyleg panties and Spaghetti camisoles.



This Italian brand is luxuriously created by Women, for Women. Their plush pieces are such a treasure. I love their sleep shorts & trousers and camisoles.



Inspired by the lounging pajamas worn by Coco Chanel and her contemporaries in the 1920s, these PJs are quite luxurious but even more comfortable. I received a silk-satin pajama set as a gift from my aunt and the coziest things I own.



I love this brand for two reasons: 

  1. they feel freaking beautiful on my body 
  2. and a percentage of their profits goes to women in need — granting an opportunity for them to follow their dreams.


It says feminine in every way, the look, the feel, and textiles. I love their unisex silk boxers, washable silk Camisole, and silk pajamas.



Quality, comfort, and not my old t-shirt. I love their washable silk tee set.

Courtesy of the Brand


I love their nightgowns — they are modern with an unstated sexiness that I love.

Courtesy of the Brand


If I’m having a rough day cozying up in my silk stripe pajamas, either the long pants or boxer shorts.

Shop here

Courtesy of the Brand


Elegant!!! I love the high necklines and floor-length gowns — I feel like I’m in an old movie when I slip into my nightshirt and pure myself a glass of wine.

Courtesy of the Brand


Classic yet modern! Their silk and cotton pajamas sets are cozy.

Shop here



Their party set makes me feel fabulous, while their sizeless sets are amazingly cozy.

Courtesy of the Brand


The nap dress is a MUST purchase; it Is perfectly cozy and cooling for a great night of sleep or lounge around the house during the day. I love the feeling of comfort and no fuss about the garment.

Splurge-worthy and perfect companions to the coziest bedtime to virtual pajama parties.

Comment below and share your favorite type of sleepwear.

Nat C.


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