Five Black-Owned Brands to support this January

Each day I am in awe at how unfamiliar I am with many black-owned brands. Researching and finding new brands gives me great pleasure because I can explore new products and learn about the journey of brilliant and innovative black entrepreneurs.

The Guardian reported back in 2020 the challenges black business owners face in getting access to funding to remain in business. The article brought some much-needed attention to something always known but ignored.

It took a Global pandemic to spotlight the challenges black-owned businesses face since the launch of their businesses. With no access to loans, the pandemic caused several black-owned companies to shutter. And several others may not make it to the end of this year.

By supporting black-owned businesses, we can be a catalyst for change. When we elevate, support, invest and highlight black-owned brands, we keep them in business, and we bring awareness to these brands.

Here is our list of 5 black-owned brands to support in January:


KNC Beauty 

I was doing my monthly Sephora browse and stumbled on “Supa Scrub Lip kit” — I purchased it as a stocking stuffer. But It ended up being a lifesaver as I navigated being Covid positive. One of my symptoms was severely dry lips, and this helped tremendously. I recently ordered an eye mask, and I can’t wait to try it.

The brand’s story:


Kristen Noel Crawley was strolling through Don Quijote in Tokyo when….BAM, love at first sight. A wall of lip masks caught her eye, and she became OBSESSED with the idea of perfect, kissable lips. When she discovered there were no natural lip masks on the market, the solution was obvious: she had to create her own. Two years and countless trials later, Kristen created the first all-natural, collagen-infused lip mask that now sits on the lips of Hollywood royalty and has everyone sayings


Beauty Bakerie Makeup

I am on my elevation journey. And being exceptionally bad at makeup, I have been on the hunt for beginners’ makeup tutorials.  My goal is to create a simple look I can wear every day. I found @misskrissym on Instagram — she shares beginner’s makeup tips that are user-friendly and easy to try at home. She highlighted one of the products from Beauty Bakerie that I ordered (Flour setting powder) and I can’t wait to try it.

The brand’s story: 

A powerful story of resilience and inspiration, Cashmere Nicole founded Beauty Bakerie in 2011 with the mission to be sweet and sweeten the lives of others. During a challenging, but successful fight with breast cancer, Cashmere became extremely health conscious and research-driven about the products we put in and on our bodies. The Beauty Bakerie brand is a direct reflection of Cashmere’s perseverance and passion for high-quality, healthy ingredients that enhance the beauty in everyone, every day. Cashmere continues to grow her brand which is now sold in 1000 locations worldwide. She embodies the sweet life not only by developing cruelty-free, all-inclusive cosmetics but more importantly while implementing initiatives such as the 501(c)3, Sugar Homes that she founded in 2016 which supports the needs of orphaned children worldwide.


Signature by Dionne Smith 

Doing my own hair means washing it while I shower, adding a leave-in conditioner and some hair oil. This is the first time in my life I am trying to take care of my hair myself and figure out ways to style it myself. I was looking for a curling/straightener and found a ceramic-coated titanium one from this brand. It had great reviews — I still have not learned how to use it but I will keep trying.

The brand’s story:

Dionne Smith is an award-winning celebrity stylist. She eventually launched her brand and says her passion for what she does is the unstoppable force behind her brand. 



My friend Vivianna told me about this brand and I am excited to order their Drench + Coat. She has been raving about it since last October. 

The brand’s story:

Dr. Tijion Esho aka The Lip doctor © is the multi-award-winning entrepreneur behind the UK’s first Black doctor-owned cosmeceutical brand, ESHO. and an industry leader in the world of aesthetic medicine. At just 38 years old, he has a cult following (celebrities included) at not only his clinics in London, Newcastle, and Dubai but on his digital platforms and a global clientele base of patients across 50 different countries.



I found this brand at Sephora and slowly but surely I have grown to appreciate this brand. It has been my saving grace as I work on figuring out how to treat my hair better. I have added another one of their products to my hair routine (Be Gentle Be Kind Avocado Kiwi superfood mask) and I love the results (thank you Vanessa from Sephora Atlantic Mall).

The brand’s story:

Nancy Twine is no newcomer to the beauty-sphere – in fact, she made her first foray into the world of natural product formulation at the ripe age of five. During childhood visits to West Virginia, Nancy would assume the role of sous chef to her grandmother, the town’s resident beauty guru, in making her coveted homemade hair care.

After an early-twenties move to New York City forced Nancy to trade out her homemade essentials for the store-bought variety, she quickly realized that the natural hair care on the market simply did not live up to its performance claims. Armed with a tiny East Village studio apartment, her grandmother’s coveted beauty recipes, and a rockstar natural chemist team, Nancy founded Briogeo Hair Care.

Comment below: what is your favorite black-owned brand?

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