5 Black-Owned Fashion Brands to Support this September

There is a wealth of talented Black Designers that many of us have not heard of. They are not spotlighted, and their designs are not showcased the way it should be. Thank goodness for Social Media. While Social Media has its cons, one of its most significant pros is the opportunity to discover black designers worldwide (black-owned brands period).

These designers are doing excellent work, creating some of the most exciting and imaginative creations.

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Christopher John Rogers

Louisiana-born, NYC-based designer Christopher John Rogers designs for individuals with a strong sense of self. Timelessness and Quality are the inspiration for his designs. His couture-like pieces are a mix of uniqueness, luxurious, bold colors, and voluminous shapes. His creations celebrate fashion brilliance, and investing in one of his pieces is a Statement in itself. 

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Aisling Camps

Aisling Camps is a Brooklyn-based designer who specializes in Superior Quality Knitwear. A graduate of FIT, her handmade pieces are not only wearable but worth the investment. I adore her minimalist approach to design.

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Banke Kuku

Banke Kuku is a Nigerian designer specializing in the most beautiful Pajamas and Kaftans. The colors are vibrant, and the fabrics are luxurious. Her design style is a fuse of West African and Western Eclectic inspiration. 

Her pieces are perfect for a beautiful night out, a luxury vacation, or a night of lounging. 

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Rich Mnisi

Rich Mnisi is a South African-based designer whose modern contemporary approach to design is both bold and artistic. His pieces are wearable, and his bold vision tells a story. Music, art, nature, and films are inspirations for his designs.

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Laquen Smith

Laquen Smith was born in Queens NY, his designs not only celebrate the female body it enhances its form. He’s is a favorite among Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, etc. — he states on his website

“I didn’t even think of being a designer; I was just fascinated by women and well-tailored clothing,”

His well-tailored clothing creatively says Look at me.  

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