8 New Black-Owned Restaurants to Try in NYC

8 New Black-Owned Restaurants to Try in NYC

Food is a rich part of Black Culture. Each Black-Owned Restaurant listed in this article represents a part of the diversities of food within the Black Culture. Black History Month or anytime is the perfect time to showcase the richness of the best Black Cuisine that has contributed to the diversity of the NYC dining scene. As we continue our Black-Owned series today, we are introducing eight [8] new Black-Owned Restaurants to try in NYC and add to your list.

Each Restaurant’s menu adds to the Black Culinary landscape, from fusion to classic dishes.

Here are 9 New Black-Owned Restaurants to explore in NYC.

Filé Gumbo Bar

Opened approximately nine months ago, Filé Gumbo Bar is already considered a hidden gem. Tiny’s Gumbo is the signature dish served, and it pays homage to the owner and Chef Eric McCree’s grandfather—the dish features a rich combination of spices, andouille sausage, chicken, and shellfish. The dish is created with a roux-based stewed for hours and chilled to allow the flavors to integrate.

The intimately set ambiance and delicious food are almost reminiscent of a New Orleans Restaurant setting with the influence of New York City.

275 Church Street—Tribeca

Dick & Janes Bar Room

This location was once home to Casablanca, but Dick & Janes Bar Room is the perfect Brunch Spot, Romantic enough for a date night or girl’s night out and large enough to accommodate large groups. The charming Moody and Dark decor and the dimly lit atmosphere are the perfect backdrops for an intimate meal.

This roomy bar features Brick walls, an extended-length wooden table, and sparsely placed tables to encourage conversation. The combination of music, vibe, food, service, and cocktails makes this place a MUST-TRY and a will-visit again.

300 Malcolm X Boulevard—Bedford Stuyvesant

Hav & Mar

The fusing of Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s dual heritage created the name Hav & Mar. Hav means ocean in Swedish and Mar honey in Amharic, in addition to the influence of African roots in modern Black Cuisine. The Seafood focused Restaurant is located at the Starrett-Lehigh building in the arts district of Chelsea.

601 West 26th Street—Chelsea

Do Not Disturb

A speakeasy ambiance influences the interior, and it is inviting with A++ servicing that is friendly and attentive. Do Not Disturb’s space is intimate enough for a date night, although it gets crowded on some nights. The perfectly crafted cocktails pair well with the curated menu.

285 West 12th Street—West Village

Cocktail Bedstuy

Ask anyone who has been here, and they will confirm that Cocktail Bedstuy is one of the best bars in Brooklyn and a neighborhood gem. The vibe makes this the perfect neighborhood spot. Expect excellent service, perfectly mixed cocktails, a dimly lit atmosphere, and an engaging experience.

305 Halsey Street #2411–Bedford Stuyvesant

Zanmi Soho

An extension of the Little Caribbean favorite Zanmi Restaurant. Zanmi Soho offers an upscale Haitian experience in NYC. Inviting vibrant decor and traditional and modern Haitian Cuisine that captures the flavors and colors of the Island. From Joumou to Griot sliders, experience the taste of Haiti. A++ service and atmosphere make you feel at home.

286 Spring Street—Soho


Tatiana’s is a Love letter to New York, written with the flavors, aromas, and textures of Chef Kwame’s childhood and influenced by his sister Tatiana, his culinary muse. The eclectic menu embodies the culinary diverseness of New York City, which also serves as the foundation for the Restaurant’s story. African, Caribbean, Southern, et cetera, all represented in the carefully curated menu, influencing the Chef’s Story.

Tatiana is located in the new David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center.

10 Lincoln Center Plaza—Upper West Side

The Porch

Jazz made Sugar Hill years ago, and there are hopes to reignite that energy with The Porch, a destination for live entertainment in Sugar Hill Harlem. The Jazz venue and Smokehouse were created as a neighborhood spot, offering live music and its take on creative Smokehouse Cuisine.

A great selection of beers and excellent service accompanies the exquisite menu of Shrimp Beignets, bourbon peach waffles, Ruben sandwiches, and much more. The open-concept kitchen complements the cozy ambiance and the vintage décor.

750 A St. Nicholas Avenue—Harlem

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Disclaimer: Featured image from Tatiana by Chef Kwame was taken by Zachary Zavislak.

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