Hello Dahlings and welcome to Brooklyn’s Lifestyle [BKLS]—I am Nat the creator and editor of BKLS. 


BKLS is a LifeStyle Destination for #HER. A space she visits during her Journey to [Re] Discover the woman she was meant to be. The #HERO in #HER life. An online destination where she is inspired, empowered, and reminded to be BOLD.

In one way or another, we are all aiming for a destination. And yes, arriving will be beautiful, well worth the wait, and reasons to celebrate. But it is the Journey that matters the most. Because it is the Journey that takes us through the nook and cranny, the struggles and pain, the tears and sadness, and gives us reasons to dig deeper and hopefully Grow.

We want women to revel in their Journey. No matter which highways or valleys their paths may take them. We want you to stand firm in the understanding that your path is yours and yours only to take. So take hold of it, be BOLD, and design a life well-lived.

We share #HER stories and Womanly advice. Indulge in Beauty and Fashion. Features our favorite Black-Owned brands, Art, Culture, Food, and Wine. We get local and share expert recommendations of where to Eat, Shop, Stay, and visit in NYC. In addition, we discuss wellness, Home, and Entertaining and share our favorite Books and Recipes. 

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