Ackee Hummus

Ackee Hummus
w/grilled Roti Flatbread

Ackee has become one of my favorite all-time dishes – many claims it is an acquired taste however I feel like it’s such a blank canvas and it gives you the opportunity to prepare it to your likeness.

I love making this dish Ackee + Saltfish (codfish) and usually pairs it with either brown Basmati or provisions (boil gree bananas, dumplings, yams, sweet potatoes, etc. The reason I tend not to order this meal when I’m out is because a lot restaurant cannot seem to find the perfect balance to this dish; meaning it’s prepared with too much codfish, not enough Ackee fruit – I also enjoy it more when the ackee fruit isn’t minced or like some would say mashed out however it must be steamed through properly. See below for a brief history and deets on this particular dish.

Grilled Roti + AckeeHummus

Roti is a light, silky, buttery “Flatbread” – originated in India and is a major part of the culinary experience in the Caribbean & Parts of South America, especially in Guyana & Trinidad. There are several types of Roti…pictured here is a Paratha Roti (Bus-up-shut). Ackee is originally from West Africa, was migrated to Jamaica in the 1700s and became the Country’s National Fruit – this fruit is also a component of Jamaica’s National Dish Ackee & Salt-fish (codfish). This dish was a nice twist to two Caribbean staples. It was tasty & full of flavors.

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