An Angel

Isn’t she a beauty – my first thought was, who would hurt this innocent child but someone took away the chance of this little girl living a full life. This beautiful two years old is laying brain dead in Brookdale University Hospital today – she’s being kept alive by machines and is expected to be taken off the machines this evening.

This little angel’s father describes her as a smart, football watching little girl who adored chocolate milk. Thaiya Spruill-Smith suffered a massive brain injury after being assaulted by her stepfather. Doctors said Thaiya suffered bleeding on the brain, an injury that went untreated for days.

David Adams, the child’s stepfather was charged with assault and reckless assault on a child however those charges are expected to be upgraded to murder.

This is so tragic – there are no words to comfort the parents and family of this little angel, I’m asking whoever reads this please send blessings of comfort and peace to each of them during this difficult time. As an aunt of twin boys almost the age of Thaiya, I don’t know what I would do if anyone hurts them – I just can’t imagine it.

We have to do better at caring for our children, there are too many of these situations. Ladies be very careful who you bring into the lives of your children – make sure they love and care for you and your children because we are all deserving of love and care.

Photo via NY Daily News

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