An Open Letter to a Woman who feels lost and alone

I know a woman who feels lost. She feels unseen and unheard like no one hears or cares about her deep struggles and sorrows.

A woman who feels alone has no value, as if others find her invisible and unworthy.

I know a woman who feels unloved because how can someone be truly loved and feel so alone and lonely?

A woman who feels fake because she thinks she must portray a happy persona instead of her reality.

I know a woman who feels like a failure because she could not conceive a child.

A woman who feels as if she is a terrible mom because every other mom seems to have it all together or did not raise her child.

I know a woman who feels her marriage sucks, but she must keep it hidden for fear of being judged as a bad wife.

A woman who makes herself small because if she takes up the space she deserves, it threatens her man’s masculinity.

I know a woman who feels like she is not enough or important because her man chooses to disrespect and disregard her needs and wants and make others a priority.

A woman who lives with regret because of all the things she did not do perfectly or failed to do.

I know a woman who hides her emotions because she is called sensitive whenever she expresses herself. 

A woman who feels ugly because she does not fit into the societal standard of beauty.

I know a woman who lives with the burden of not paying her rent/mortgage or bills because she has no income or not enough income but pretends differently for fear of being judged as irresponsible.

A woman who feels less than a woman because she no longer feels sexy and sexual.

I know a woman who feels old and unwanted because society values an aging man while an aging woman is no longer valuable or wanted

A woman who does not love herself because of her past mistakes. 

This woman could be me. Or she could be you. You can relate to these women, and perhaps you feel a compilation of them all combined.

At some point in our lives as women, many of us feel unloved, unworthy, unseen, unnoticed, not beautiful, not feminine enough, not sexy, not good enough, and these feelings make us feel broken like we need to fix ourselves.

Dear Women,

You are not broken or do not need fixing. Your worth is inestimable even if you feel unworthy or not enough. 

You are beautiful and unique; age does not determine your value, struggling with infertility does not make you a failure, and taking up space is your birthright. And you are not responsible for another person’s perception or opinion. 

Remember you are seen and heard even by those who fail to recognize you. You inspire us as women, we see you, and we feel your story — we have had some version of it in our lives. Continue to be vulnerable and courageous. Remember, self-respect is much more valuable or important than the respect of anyone else because they can decide to take it away whenever they choose to. Your needs and wants are valid, and you are important. You are not just an option to anyone.

Your emotions matter, and feeling them does not make you too sensitive; it makes you human. Mistakes do not make you a bad person. A past does not define you or dictate your future.

Your imperfections are what make you perfect. Incredible burdens come and go. Whatever feels hard right now will not last forever. 

Not feeling sexy or sexual does not make you less than a woman — our bodies are extraordinary regardless of age or size. Sexiness is not something we turn on or off; our bodies, as women undergo many changes. We cultivate Sexiness and Sensuality by getting in touch with our bodies and becoming intimate with ourselves. Sex is not just for him; it is not something he gets that we give. It is also a treat for you, and he has to do his part; it is a part of his responsibility.

My dear women, you are worthy, you are enough, and you have so much potential. Remember always that being imperfect makes you perfectly you. Know you are worthy of love, joy, and fun. Remember, you are seen and more important than you know. So keep forging ahead, you are a work in progress, and the journey is part of your beautiful story.

With Love


Comment below: do you know any of these women?

Nat C.


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