Are you ready: Ainslie has Reopened for Delivery and Takeout

Some of my days are spent daydreaming of the day my favorite restaurants will reopen. Or any restaurant for that matter. I often ask myself if NYC restaurants are cleared to open today for dine-in. Would I be one of the first to make a reservation? Of course, thinking about the possibility of reopening brings with it plenty of concerns about the safety of workers and customers. What protocols would need to be in place? What is the possibility of another shutdown should there be a spike in infection rates associated with COVID-19?

 I think about these things because a large part of this online Real Estate lives in and for restaurants. And I miss the art of dining immensely. And the question remains, would I be one of the first? Regrettably, I’m still torn. I’m grateful that I still have time to mull over that decision.

I continue to face a deep longing to dine in one of my favorite restaurants surrounded by loud strangers at a six feet apart table. But my appetite is somewhat satisfied with the reopening of many more of my favorite places to dine. I still have to settle for take-out and delivery, but I’m comforted by the fact that I am still able to indulge in my favorite dishes.


A lot is going on this week and unfortunately not good things (more on that in another article). But receiving news that Ainslie has reopened for delivery and takeout gives me the comfort and hope I crave for.

You can read more about Ainslie here. Since it was opening last year, I have had such wonderful times there, and the food is worthy of a visit.

The Menu

Ainslie’s Executive Chef John DeLucie and lead pizzaiolo Erasmo ‘Mino’ Lassandro have created a delicious menu of wood-fired pizzas. Favorites like the Boscaiola with pancetta, mushrooms, fresh mozzarella, and truffle oil are appealing to my tastebuds. And the Rucola with San Marzano tomatoes, arugula, cherry tomatoes, and lemon dressing is savory with every bite.

Free-Range Chicken

The house-made pasta is mouth-watering. Try the Cacio e Pepe with cracked black pepper and pecorino romano. The Orecchiette with sweet pork fennel sausage, broccoli rabe, and pesto is a very appetizing option. Though not a favorite dish of mine, the classic Penne Alla Vodka has received rave reviews. Indulge in Free Range Chicken, NY Strip Steak, Atlantic Salmon, Wood Fired Rosemary Wings, or their Arancini fried fontina risotto balls (A MUST ORDER).

In addition to this wonderfully curated menu, there are family-style meals for four. And don’t forget featured grocery and pantry items now being offered at Ainslie.

We can place our orders by visiting their website or Caviar from 4 pm – 10 pm from Tuesday to Sunday.

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As Always, I’m sending Love. Stay Safe




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