August 2022 Theme: Begin Again

Beginning again is always an option, even if it is not our focus. I applaud anyone who dares to work on themselves because it is hard work. It is hard work to dig deep. And figure things out even on the days that are extremely painful. There are so many false starts. One day you believe you have a handle on things or have taken five steps forward. Only to realize a few days later that you have taken 50 steps backward because something unresolved comes up or something happens.

But then, you know this is something you want to do, and you choose to begin again. So that is where I am. But, of course, beginning again is not starting over. Sometimes it is difficult to admit that you have fallen short or that taking one step [or a few] back is necessary to move forward. It can make you feel like a failure. Like you are doing things wrong, and often this is where we become unkind to ourselves. But to me, knowing that I have fallen short. Or that I need to take a few steps back means growth. It means that I am aware of what is or is not working. And I am taking responsibility for myself and my life.

Starting Over or Beginning Again

Over the past year, I have figured out why beginning again is more favorable than starting over. I have had to remind myself that it is okay to begin again. Because beginning again is at the core of my evolution and upward journey. Every time I made a choice to start over, I noticed that I was refusing to honor who I was at that moment. I desperately attempted to erase my past or parts of me because they were not favorable. My regrets, struggles, and mistakes made me who I am today. They are what inspire me every day to work on myself [rediscover myself].

Six months ago, the thought of beginning again would have had me in bed for a few days while having unkind thoughts and conversations with myself. But this time, I know I am doing the best I can. It is not easy, but I know. I know I am doing what is necessary to get where I want to be. Beginning again allows me to put one foot in front of the other. It helps me choose the next best step, not the right or perfect one.

So here I am on August 1st, beginning again, doing things differently. Not only with some things in my life but also with the content I share here. When I pivoted to this site earlier this year, I did not promise perfection. I said I am figuring things out and still am. I promised this site would always be a work in progress.

Figuring things out may look different weekly or month to month. It will sometimes mean shaking things up, adding to published articles, or completely removing them. And I am okay with that because it will get me to a place where I feel great about what I share and do. I want to inspire and empower you through my experiences [good, bad, or indifferent], my false starts, and my steps backward. It is essential for me that although all of my experiences may not be a bed of bright red roses, it is helping you in some way, even if it is in a small way.

And so, as we welcome August, I want to say take things slow. Do what is best for you to feel your best, and show up as your best self for you. Be kind to yourselves, and do not compare yourselves to anyone else. And in the difficult moments, remember they too will pass. You are doing the best you can by putting one foot in front of the other.

This month’s theme on BKLS is to begin again.

This month we will be sharing:

And I will be sharing:

  • My struggles with insomnia and how I am beginning again to clean up my sleep hygiene
  • How I am falling in love with my current body as I work on the body I want
  • My struggles with my appearance and how I am working on it.

Stay tuned for these and so much more this month on BKLS.


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Happy August, my Dahlings—make it a fabulous month.

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