#BeautyMinute: How Often Should You Change Your Pillowcases for Healthy Skin

There are so many factors that contribute to healthy skin. So today, on #BeautyMinute, we are having a conversation about pillowcases and how often you should change them for Healthy Skin.

Pillowcases and the positive effects on healthy skin and hair are lengthy topics. But since we strive to deliver our #BeautyMinute in a New York minute, we will keep it short. So visit us next month as we share our favorite pillowcases for healthy hair and skin.

So How Often Do Dermatologists Recommend We Change Our Pillowcases For Optimal Hair And Skin Health?

Drum roll, please, and the answer is once a week. But as someone who has struggled most of my adult life with adult acne, I would say every two to three days. Of course, some may believe this is excessive because we have such long to-do lists these days. And changing our pillowcases every two to three days may seem daunting.

What is the Big Deal? Why Should I Change It So Often?

Hear me out. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, human beings shed 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells daily. Did you make an Ewwwww face? That was my sentiment exactly when I first learned this years ago.

We sleep for several hours at a time. The Sleep Foundation says healthy adults need seven to nine hours of sleep. But many of us get five to nine hours on average. And what if you are sharing a bed with a partner or a pet? What if you go to bed without washing your face at night or indulge in a bit of drooling? How about cell turnover? And dust mite? Did you go to bed without a shower last night? Hello, pollen. You get the idea — our pillowcases and pillows are a cesspool of bacteria waiting to wreak havoc on our skin.

If the pandemic taught us anything, it has taught us that hygiene is vital for staying healthy. And that includes amping up our beauty hygiene habits. Our skin is our largest organ, and good beauty hygiene is, from my experience, one of the answers to maintaining healthy skin and avoiding acne breakouts and irritation.

Simple beauty hygiene, such as clean pillowcases, is also a great form of self-love and Self-kindness because acne breakouts are no fun and will make you feel not so hot.

Change those pillowcases and allergy covers every two to three days, and use the hottest setting on the machine while laundering.

And If You Are Wondering About Your Pillows.

The National Sleep Foundation suggests washing pillows every six months with hot water and a mild detergent. Remember to read the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific pillow. They are also in favor of changing out your pillows every one to two years.

Be meticulous about your beauty hygiene. Clogged pores, irritation, and acne breakouts are no fun, especially for those of us who are sensitive and acne-prone.

Comment below: How often do you change your pillows and pillowcases?

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