Best Style Tips Every Women Should Know

Best Style Tips

A beautifully stylish look not only enhances beauty but also makes a woman confident at work and in her personal life. You do not have to be a quintessential fashionista, discard the stuff in the wardrobe or go overboard investing in new clothes and accessories, to master the art of being effortlessly Stylish. You do have to edit your wardrobe and organized it to simplify your process of getting dressed. Today we are taking about some of the best Style tips every women should know.

It is all about knowing simple Style Tips or rather Style principles that works best for you to be a naturally stunning and polished mien. Have you ever seen women with a consistent quality of effortlessness and polish? These women are often adored by other women from afar and envied by many other women up close. But these women are not magicians although they are magical because they know what works for them and their bodies. So Looking Stylish and polished every time you get dressed is less about fashions and more about a few guiding principles that take the guesswork out of getting dressed.

Here are Ten easy tips and tricks for every woman to learn how to get the perfect voguish look every day.

1. Be Yourself—Be Authentic

I love the quote by Oscar Wilde “be yourself everyone is taken” each of you has something unique to offer to the world so why not share who you are? Therefore focus on wearing clothes that you love, that fit well, and fill you with confidence. Rather than forcing trends or ill-fitting clothes that make you feel uncomfortable or bad about yourself. I believe it is wise to wear items that express your true self.

If it feels too overwhelming and uncomfortable to wear skinny jeans, drop the idea. You will look gorgeous in loose-fitting trousers as well. Never prioritize fashion over comfort

If you are not sure if a particular piece is for you—question your decision.

  • Is this outfit me or am I trying to be someone else?
  • Do I feel comfortable or does this piece fits me well?
  • Am I excited to wear this piece? And do I feel good about it?

Even when you have your personal Style down to an art—it is perfectly fine to ask yourself questions if you feel a little unsure.

2. Wear the Proper Foundation Pieces

The best dressed woman begins with the foundation, i.e the right-sized undergarments. Bodyweight and bust sizes may change with time. So, go to stores like Neman Marcus and have their sales associate fit you with the correct size—most high-end stores have trained associates to help you find the best fitting foundation garments.

Undergarments are an investment but a worthy one. Your undergarments should hold you in the right places, smooth the bulges and make lines invisible. All while making you feel comfortable, and confident. If you can not breathe it is not the right fit.

3. Never Overlook Comfort

Whether at home, on a day out, or in the office, comfort should always be the top priority when choosing outfits, footwear, and accessories. Buy wearables pieces made of natural, breathable fabric [cotton, linen, etc.] to avoid skin allergies and rashes.

If pointed heels or that pair of five-inch stilettos hurt your feet—do not wear them. This goes back to tip number one [read it again]. And Always, always invest in quality basics, never focus on size instead focus on the fit. How does it fit you? Does it hang and drape your body well?

4. Invest in Staple Accessories and Handbags

The power of accessories are often under estimated but it should be a basic essentials for every woman. From jewelry to shoes, these items complement your looks, and persona. The choice of accessories reveals a lot about you.

Use jewelry in a minimal way to flatter your outfit. Think small earrings, pendants, and bracelet—the right pieces of jewelry creates an effortlessly the chic look but too much jewelry will take away from your look. If you are opting for a statement necklace then keep everything else to a minimum.

As for handbags if you can afford designer then look for classic styles that you can get the most wear per cost. But if designer options are not in your budget then buy the best quality in your price point. You can also start building a collection, save and purchase over time, handbags are investment worthy and it is ok to build your collection over time. Do not be afraid of pre-loved options.

5. Pair Outfits with the Right Footwear

Shoes are an integral part of basic essentials. You tend to have five to seven pairs of shoe on rotation therefore it is wise to invest in your shoes.

When buying a new pair, prioritize comfort, quality, and versatility then style, and variety. Do not go overboard with colors [hello four pairs of pink platform]—Nudes, blacks, and browns are staple and should be a part of every woman’s collection.

6. Invest in Coats and Jacket

I never understood the power of a fabulously chic coat or jacket. Up until last year I owned two coats, a basic black and a tan—when I replaced them I did so with similar styles. So now I am working on building my collection of coats and jackets—I will not go overboard but I now understand the power of them. And how a simple outfit can be elevated with the right coat or jacket.

I am aiming for classic Styles but I will be including a few statement coats and jackets that are still classic-ish that I can wear often without looking like a repeater.

7. Look Bold in Belts

Belts are universally flattering and timeless, and they are worth the investment. It goes well with trousers, skirts and dresses. Elegant chunky ones, worn above the waistline adds a special touch to high waisted pieces. Embellished belts adds a nice finish when paired with oversized outfits. Never let anyone tell you you should not wear a belt because your waist is not slender or definded—belts creates definition and can elevate a look.

8. Embrace Monochromes

Whites and blacks offers a timeless appeal, wearing either all black or all white instantly streamline your look, elevating your style with minimal effort. So when in doubt think of one color—think all white everything or all black everthing. But the formula of monochrome works well with anything from warm caramel to neutral palettes to bold pinks [barbiecore]. Experiment with many hues to achieve a classic and streamlined look with minimal effort

9. Prioritize Classics Over Trends

Trends are short-lived and have zero staying power. They make an entrance, get overnight attention, and exit just as quickly. Such pieces look remarkable on runways but are often not the right match for your needs. Choose trendy clothes wisely and invest the minimum amount of money possible on trends [note to self this season].

Restricting the desire to buy a Autumn/Winter fashion week-inspired fringed dress seems impossible. But wearing it on high-traffic streets may feel irking. fringes can get tangled or in your foots at dinner, so while it is rather Stylish it can sometimes be impractical. And when they have gone out of Style, you are left with an expensive garment that will take up space in the closet and be absolutely useless.

Stay focused and do not get distracted by trends.

10. A Capsule Wardrobe is your best friend

A capsule wardrobe takes the guesswork out of getting dressed and it is a perfect balance between function and fashion. You have everything on hand to create a fabulous outfit. You can mix and match clothes, shoes, accessories, and other items with ease. And the beauty is you know they all work well together. These items pair well together, saving time in deciding what to wear with your dark-wash denim or nude pumps. Edit your current wardrobe, and make a list of the item you do not have but need to complete your collection. Do not forget to set a realistic budget [do not overspend or go into debt] buy the best you can afford to create multiple clothing combinations without worrying about fashion faux pas.

There are experts who believe that you should have ONLY a certain number of pieces in your wardrobe but I believe it is not about the number of pieces as much as it is about a strategy to make getting dressed and looking put together as simple as possible.

Do you have any valuable style tips? Share with us in the comments.

Discovering your personal style takes trial and error and just when you have made the discovery you elvolve and you must make further discovery. Yes style is continuous process but having a strategy or guiding Style principles makes pivoting your Style when need an effortless transition.

Nat C.


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