A list of 165 Black-Owned Restaurants to Support Now

Dahlings, Happy Happy MondayI hope all is well. Today we are sharing our list of over 165 Black-Owned Restaurants.

We are still navigating uncertain times. And every few days, I find myself subtracting closed businesses from my list, which makes me sad.  I wanted to stop by today and remind you to continue to support local businesses. I know many of us are still out of work, and in many cases, if you’re a business owner like myself, things are nowhere back to normal [whatever that means].

We’re struggling to keep our lives together; however, whatever little we can do to help, we should. A meal here, a product there, every bit helps, and I hope you are finding ways to support the businesses in your communitiesthey need you, and you need them.

A few weeks ago, we shared our list of 101 fabulous Black-owned restaurants on the site; we have since updated that list to include over 165 black-owned restaurants. Download the file, share it, and, most of all, support one or more of the restaurants on the list.

Our list of over 165 Fabulous Black-Owned Restaurants is newly updated to try, share, and support. Remember, we live in a time where we need to support each other. If there is a black-owned restaurant you love and support, and it is not on this list, please email us, tag us on IG, or comment here, and we will add them to our list.

As always, I’m sending Love. Stay Safe.



Click Here to access the updated list of Black-Owned Restaurants.

Nat C.


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