BRUNCH: Three Must Try Brunch Spots

Three Must-Try Brunch Spots

For this weekend

Hello Dahlings, I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week…I must say I can’t believe we’re here once again. The weekend is upon us and January is almost at its end. I have to constantLY remind myself why it is so important for me to truly live and not just be alive – time goes by so fast these days and if we don’t consciously live we’ll miss the whole thing we call life.

Cheers to the “Pucking” weekend! I’ve got a fun-filled weekend planned with my two friends – I hope to start my Saturday morning with an 8:30 AM ride at SOULCYCLE (I’m waitlisted #bummer) and then a trip to the hair salon all in preparation to celebrate my Friend Shar’s birthday. We have a special weekend planned…a Fabulous room at the Hilton for our PJ party (just the three of us outfitted with our pink onesies #laughs), a wonderful dinner, tons of girl talk and hopefully way too much wine and cocktails. On Sunday we’ll have a small breakfast with some chill time and then we’ll be Brunching in Brooklyn. Usually, we do dinner on each other’s birthday but 2018 we wanted each of our birthdays to be memorable.

I hope you have some fabulous things planned; maybe some special time set aside for you and some brunch time with friends and family. Today I’m sharing my Three Must-Try Brunch Spots for the weekend, they are super cool spaces, with well-crafted cocktails and wonderful tasting foods. I’d love your opinion on these restaurants or if you’d like to recommend a Brunch Spot for me to try I’d love to hear about it.


178 N 8th Street, Brooklyn NY 11211“]

There are so many reasons why I love Pearl’s. There aren’t many really nice Caribbean Restaurants in Brooklyn, this small unique space gives me an in the Caribbean feeling. The space is Vibrant, Artsy, and Cozy – the staff is extremely pleasant, and the food is authentic and flavorful. From experience if a Caribbean Restaurant isn’t located in a large Caribbean populated area the flavor tends is usually some type of Fusion and a bit watered-down, fortunately, that’s not the case here – the spices are on point, it’s back home, eat with your hands kinda feel.

There is a small curated Brunch menu of Geera Pork Hash, Jerk Chicken Hash; Bacon, Eggs & Cheese on a Bake; Bake & Saltfish Cookup; and Avocado Smash on a Bake. As many of you may know, most restaurants have a specific Brunch menu and you’re not able to order from their regular menu, one of the great things about Pearl’s is although there is a Brunch Menu you’re still able to order from their regular menu. There’s also an hour drink special where you get unlimited Bellini, Momosias, Bloody Mary and Brunch Punch for just $15.00. I’ve enjoyed everything on the menu – the only thing I have not tried is Jerk Chicken.

Caribbean, Cafe
Williamsburg, North Side

  • Great for Groups
  • Kid-Friendly
  • Moderate Noise Level for great conversation
  • Totally IG Worthy

Friend of The Farmer

76 Montague Street, Brooklyn NY 11201

This is definitely one of my go-to dinner spots, I love this place because the atmosphere is very intimate, the space is well crafted and the beauty of the hand-built wooden columns, ceilings, floors and oh the fireplace is very amazing, the food is very tasty and the service is excellent. You will enjoy being transported to someplace outside of Brooklyn. Remaining true to the farm-to-table concept, you will taste the freshness of the seasonal and local ingredients use in not only the dishes prepared but the cocktails as well. I love that their wine list is very well curated, it features wines from boutique, family-owned vineyards, many of which are sustainable and biodynamic.

Here are a few of my Brunch Favorites: Fresh Fruit Mix, Porridge – with fresh cream, topped with strawberries, bananas & cinnamon; Fresh Baked Breads – lemon, banana, zucchini, corn, homemade apple butter; Salmon Scrambled, Eggs Benedict, Salmon Bennie, Crab Bennie, Smoked Salmon Platter, South-Western Omelette, Healthy Farmers Omelette, The Working Farmer Omelette, Dee’s Buttermilk Apple Pancakes and Old Fashion Pumpkin Pancakes.

The menu is very extensive, the cocktails are amazing and if you’re feeling super healthy try their Fram-Pressed Juices, they are delicious and there is also a wonderful section of the menu for the kids.

American (Traditional), Brooklyn Heights

  • Wonderful for groups
  • Kid-Friendly
  • Low to moderate Noise Levels for great conversations
  • Super IG Worthy

The Regal

163 Hope Street, Brooklyn NY 11211

I love this place because it gives you a total Party vibe when you walk in but it’s super laid back, dark and fun. I believe this is one of Williamsburg’s hidden gems. The service is always great, the staff is friendly and the food is really really good. The cocktails and the music will have you coming back. I love that their cocktails are often crafted from spirits that are barrel-age behind the bar and the presentation is wonderful.

 One of the things that I dislike about Brunch is the fact that you can feel rushed while Brunching. Since Brunch has become a trend many restaurants gently hurry their guests along to accommodate other guests and The Regal is possibly one of the only places I have never felt rushed ever.

Here are some of my favorites; AÇAÍ BOWL, STUFFED FRENCH TOAST, BREAKFAST PIZZA, MARGHERITA PIZZA, SHRIMP & GRITS, THE CHANTELLE, CHICKEN & WAFFLES, STEAK & EGGS, and M.O.A.B.. The menu is very extensive and The Regal is worth the trip.

American (New), Williamsburg North-Side

  • Wonderful for Groups
  • Not Kid Friendly
  • Moderate Noise Level but can get loud at times however you’re still able to have meaningful conversations
  • Definitely IG worth

Have a Fabulous Weekend luvs – Happy Brunching…I’ll be checking in on IG over the weekend but I hope your weekend filled with wonderful experiences.




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