Cheers to the New Year

It’s a new year and YES, loads and loads of new opportunities for us all. I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions but I do believe in setting yearly Goals and putting a plan in place to accomplish those goals. I love the idea of what a New Year brings to each of us, A Blank Slate – ready for us to CREATE our year any way we’d like.

2016 was such a challenging year for many of us, that I believe in some strange way we all conspired with the universe to bring 2017 here sooner than it was meant to be – I still cannot believe it’s over.

I wish each of you, your heart’s desire and more importantly I pray that each day is filled with Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness, Abundance, and Success. There are New opportunities, New things to try, New people to meet, new places to visit…it’s a fresh start and uses it as such.

I started 2017 dancing, laughing and having fun with my amazing family and close friends – I couldn’t think of a better way to step into 2017 and I’m thankful for all those who took the time to celebrate with us. I have declared that if I am unhappy any day of this year it is because I want to be not because of anyone or anything.  I plan of filling each day with laughter and believe me when I say I will be dancing all of 2017 (like no-one’s watching). My number one goal this year is to live and enjoy each day on my terms.

If you’re reading this just know that I wish you a Champagne filled 2017 – it will be an Amazing Year. Remember it’s not what happens to us that breaks us but rather how we choose to react to what happens to us that breaks us and defeat us – Cheers to an Amazing 2017.




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