We are looking for new writers; if you have a story to share and are interested in submitting it to BKLS, please read our contributor’s guidelines.

We love sharing stories[articles] that inspire and empower HER; The #Woman who is [Re]Discovering herself. As she Elevates and Designs a Life Well-Lived, SHE becomes HER HERO.

We love real stories authentically shared in a real, uplifting, positive, and encouraging way.

Let us have conversations about things that help HER to [Re]discover herself. We love stories based on personal experiences because we believe we can all learn, become inspired, and empowered by other women’s life experiences. Tell us stories that challenge popular opinions and social norms; share what happened, but tell us why we should care and how it changed your life.

Our Topics focus on Beauty to Her Story. Art to Food. #LocalLove to Culture. Empowerment to Living. And Wellness to Black-Owned.


First-time contributors, please note:

  1. We prefer complete drafts on the first pitch. It gives us an idea of your writing style and ability to build a readable narrative.
  2. A length of 500 to 700 words for editorial pitches and 700 to 1200 words for personal essays is a nice balance.
  3. The first piece is on a trial basis. It allows us to see how well your writing connects with our audience before we bring you on as a regular contributor.
  4. The proposed title should be in the subject line. Keep it catchy and striking. Check out our current content to get an idea of how we like to structure headlines.
  5. Always include writing samples. We would love to see your versatility.
  6. Send your submissions to Hello@brooklynslifestyle.com


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