Crossing Brooklyn

Curators of Contemporary Art Eugenie Tsai, John, and Barbara Vogelstein, and assistant Curator, Rujeko Hockley are the organizers for the exhibition Crossing Brooklyn. They are showcasing Art from Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, and Beyond.

 The exhibit started on October 3, 2014, and will continue to display through January 4, 2015. It features work in a variety of mediums ranging from paintings to performance. The exhibit’s title was inspired by the poem” Crossing Brooklyn Ferry,” written by Brooklyn’s own Walt Whitman.

The organizers visited more than 100 studios throughout Brooklyn to determine what would be included in the exhibition.

I especially love that they chose to display artists from varying career levels. And are featuring work that represents the diversity of Brooklyn’s artists. While the exhibition will take place at the Brooklyn Museum, there will also be an off-site feature in the street and other public Brooklyn spaces.

The extensive list of artists includes:

Matthew Jensen
Nina Katchadourian
McKendree Key
William Lamson
Deana Lawson
Shaun Leonardo
Marie Lorenz
Miguel Luciano
Shantell Martin
Mary Mattingly
Kambui Olujimi
Paul Ramírez Jonas
Duke Riley
Lisa Sigal
Xaviera Simmons
Tatlo (Sara Jimenez, Michael Watson, Jade Yumang)
Bryan ZanisnikShYuji Agematsu
Janine Antoni
Nobutaka Aozaki
Daniel Bejar
BFAMFAPhD (Julian Boilen, Susan Jahoda, Blair Murphy, Vicky Virgin, Lika Volkova, and Caroline Woolard)
Linda Goode Bryant and Project EATS
Aisha Cousins
Cynthia Daignault
Elastic City (Todd Shalom)
Zachary Fabri
Brendan Fernandes
Gordon Hall
Drew Hamilton
Heather Hart
Pablo Helguera
David Horvitz
Yoko Inoue
Steffani Jemisonor

Check out this exhibit – I have already put it on my list for November, can’t wait to share my experience.

Photo via Brooklyn Museum

Info from Press Release

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