Culturally Infused at Bembe in Williamsburg Brooklyn

Culturally Infused at Bembe in NYC

Become Culturally Infused at Bembe in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Have you ever visited a place where the environment is fun, and you can be yourself? A place where time seems to stand still, and you feel free enough to let your inhibition go while expressing yourself without judgments or expectations.

Bembe is such a place—A space created by using found and recycled objects that took on a form of their own which embodies different cultures.

I tour the world musically when I visit—there’s a sense of freedom, warmth, self-expression, and family. A place where you experience music that keeps your body moving. It is the perfect place to dance the night away with your lover or a girl’s night out.

Our wedding anniversary fell on a Wednesday this year, and with no plans, we decided on a nice dinner and possibly some dancing if we could find a happening mid-week spot. Boy, oh boy, we had an experience that has kept us going back for more.

Bembe in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

A tropical vacation with a free laid-back Brooklyn vibe; before you know it, you will high-five strangers and dance like no one was watching. What a night (An anniversary to remember).

Whether you’re in the mood for a global journey of Caribbean, Brazilian or Cuban techno—you’re in for a treat: House, reggae, Latin, kompa, and African music accompanied by live percussionists. The music bounces off the brick and concrete wall of this eccentric, culturally infused bar/lounge.

This is a different approach to nightlife, and this space truly “creates a colorful canvas rarely seen in NYC Nightlife.” Exotic rum punch, guava margaritas, mojitos, and caipirinhas improve the experience.

So visit Bembe in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, look for the little blue light, and get there early—after 10 PM, there’s usually a line.

Images via Bembe

Location: 81 S 6 Street at Berry Street
Phone:      718-387-5389

Mondays – Thursdays 8:30 PM – 3:30 AM
Fridays – Sundays 8:30 PM – 4:00 AM



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