Don’t be fearful: Let’s support each other and remain aware

Hello Dahlings

There’s no way around it — everywhere we turn people are talking about the coronavirus (COVID-19). And it’s enough to send us all into a frenzy. But I urge each of you to get informed and not go insane with information overload and scared tactics.

A large part of this little piece of internet real estate is surrounding food and local businesses. And saying I’m concerned is an understatement.

Many of us have the luxury of staying at home — we can continue to watch and read the news. Which I believe is creating more fear than anything else. Don’t get me wrong I’m afraid of what this means for our economy and myself as a business owner.
However I am focusing on staying informed and aware.

This past week I have made it a priority to visit local restaurants and businesses around Brooklyn. And I will continue to do so as much as I can. I’m encouraging all of you to support the restaurants and businesses in your community. Do something today for your community:

  • order take out
  • buy a gift card that can be used sometime in the future
  • visit your favorite restaurant for a meal or local business to buy something (make sure they are following the City and CDC guidelines for safety.

Many of our favorite restaurants and businesses, are at risk of closing. And I’m not sure how long they will survive even with our support. But I say we should all continue to do our very best.

Many of us are isolating ourselves in one way. But we crowding supermarkets etc which I believe puts us in greater danger of spreading or contracting the conronvirous. Get informed, practice basic hygiene (ie wash your hands, cover your cough, etc), and stay aware.

Sending love — I hope you and your families are well.




Nat C.


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