Eat. Drink. Pong

Eat. Pray. Love became my Mantra after reading the book a few years ago but I may be in the process of changing it :)!

Yum Yum Yummie…Brooklyn Eats On Myrtle opens today and I’m excited to try their menu. It’s November and there’s nothing like the right comfort food and base on their menu – Brooklyn Eats seems to have done it right.

Located on Myrtle Street – the vintage-inspired theme bar & grill may be the perfect place to have a date night or a fun night with the girls…oh or the guys. The owner’s philosophy was to create a place where “the community’s past, present, and future are valued.”

The concept of the menu is one that I find of great interest. Chef Tim Coughlan said:

“Everyone deserves fine food. Fine food doesn’t always mean fine dining. Fine food for me is the right food, at the right time, in the right setting. It’ comfort.” I absolutely agree with you Chef Tim, I’m a firm believer in everyone deserves fine food – having it at the right time and in the right setting makes it sooooo much more delicious.


Brooklyn Eats on Myrtle received quite the welcome from their neighborhood on their grand opening last night. Although they had a full house, I had a wonderful experience. Yes I know it was only the first night but I’ve gone to grand openings that were an absolute disaster. The staff held their composure throughout the evening – they were kind, attentive and smiled often. Saying the bar area was a madhouse is an understatement however Will, Emma and Marcus were awesome, they gave every customer attention and still found time to check-in with customers like myself to make sure we were doing ok.

The food was delicious – it was served in checkered paper containers on a lunch tray. At the time of service I didn’t quite know how I felt about the lunch trays however as I type this update I think it’s the perfect complement to the checkered containers. I ordered wings, potato poppers, fried pickles, and torta sliders. I enjoyed everything except the fried pickles – it was a bit too oily for me. I planned on trying the eat “n” peel shrimp, veggie chili and shrimp quesadilla, unfortunately, I didn’t get the opportunity to try them 🙁 – they received so many orders they had to close the kitchen early.

I can’t wait to visit again – why don’t you visit also and share your experience with me.

Some photos via Brooklyn Eats on Myrtle 

Location: 474 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11205

Between: Washington and Hall

Phone:      718-789-5000

Hours:      Will updated soon



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