Edit Your Wardrobe to Create a Universally Flattering One

Edit your wardrobe to create a universally flattering one

The first step to a well-edited and universally flattering wardrobe is to begin the editing process. It does not have to be a big, to do but it takes patience, and a few tips and tricks to help you edit your wardrobe pro.

Step One

Since we are officially in Autumn and you may be getting your fabulous Autumn outfits together, then editing is the perfect place to start.

The first thing is to ensure you have one to two full days to dedicate to this task. To edit your wardrobe means you must go through everything you have to weed out the things you no longer wear and the things you no longer need.


Your wardrobe should be EDITED two times a year during the change of seasons. Once in Autumn and once in Spring.

Use Marie Kondo’s concept [KonMari Method]—does your item spark joy?

Step Two—This is what you will need to get started

  • Garment Rolling Rack
  • Dress/Shirt Hangers
  • Matching Hangers
  • Pant/Skirt Hangers
  • Cardboard Boxes [for shoes, bags + jewelry]
  • Garbage Bags [for clothing]
  • Three boxes or bins
  • Cleaning Supplies

I find Velvet Hangers to be the best, they have a sleek design, are non-slip, and look uniform in my wardrobe. They do not snag my clothes and are also popular.

You can complete this entire process without matching hangers or a rolling rack. But I think both are worth the investment.

Matching hangers make things look more organized. It is an excellent investment to transform the look of your wardrobe. It helps you create your own boutique-like space that feels peaceful and looks lovely. It becomes a pleasure to go to your wardrobe when you get dressed.

The rolling rack gives you the flexibility to work more efficiently. It allows you to pull everything out and see what you have quickly. In addition, it keeps your clothing on hangers, so you will not have to take time to hang them again.

Step Three—Create three piles.

Use the three bins or boxes and label them:

  • Trash
  • Donate
  • Tailor/Launder/Dry Clean

Step Four—And we are ready to get started with these questions:

Have I worn it in the last two years?

If you have not worn something in the last two years, will you wear it? There are exceptions, of course [leather, cashmere, or special occasion pieces].

Do I feel good when I wear it?

You should feel great in everything you own. That includes pajamas, activewear, and loungewear. If you do not feel great in the things you own and wear, it is time to part with them. Does that piece of clothing or accessory spark joy?

Does this garment fit and flatter my body now?

Ask yourself if it fits and flatters your body—right now. Not in a year when you lose those few extra pounds but now.

  • Do not keep those jeans you plan to wear when you lose a few pounds. This depresses me every time I do it—it is a reminder that I have not lost the few pounds I said I would lose.
  • Remember, each store and brand has its own size,s so focus on the FIT, not the size.

Is this piece in great shape?

If it is faded, discolored, ripped or bleached, has holes, or is stained, then it is time to get rid of it.

Special Occasion Items

There is no reason to keep special occasion items unless you love them. Donate them to someone who will find value in them and enjoy them. As with anything, there are exceptions, such as wedding dresses.

And there you have it—dive deeply into your wardrobe to create a well-edited and universally flattering space that you will love for a long time.

Comment below: have you ever edited your closet? And how was the experience?

Nat C.


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