Everything You Need to Know Before Moving to Brooklyn

Everything You Need to Know Before Moving to Brooklyn

Are you considering moving to Brooklyn? Here is what you need to know before moving to Brooklyn. This borough is excellent for young professionals, singles, and families. Brooklyn is a famous borough with good food, fantastic nightlife, and a diverse community. Here is everything you need to know as you consider moving to Brooklyn.

Popular Brooklyn Neighborhoods

There is no shortage of options for choosing the right neighborhood for you. From residential communities to trendy neighborhoods, there is something for everyone in Brooklyn.

Park Slope

If you are looking for a luxury urban experience, Park Slope is the place for you. Elegant homes, parks, and high-end retail outlets characterize this area of Brooklyn. In addition, the safe neighborhood feeds into a great school district, making it perfect for families.


The Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn is known for its laid-back hipster culture. The community is full of trendy boutiques, breweries, cocktail lounges, and a super diverse community of people. Lower rent prices bring in a large population of artists who add to the rich culture of the Williamsburg neighborhood.

Carroll Gardens

Located in the heart of Brooklyn, this old-school neighborhood is known for having a tight-knit community. Bakeries, family-owned restaurants, and small yoga studios give the community an authentic, small-town feel. This neighborhood is an excellent option for families and professionals looking for a quieter scene. Additionally, check out adjacent neighborhoods like Boerum Hill, Gowanus, and Red Hook for a similar vibe.


DUMBO stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. This popular neighborhood is an upscale residential community with young professionals and tech startup headquarters. Here you will find yourself surrounded by popular restaurants and trendy shops.


Once a blue-collar neighborhood, Bushwick has grown in recent years to be an edgy and evolving neighborhood. The community is diverse and tight-knit. In recent years, it has seen an influx of artists as rent prices are low. In addition, Bushwick is near other lively neighborhoods like Williamsburg, meaning there is lots of opportunity for entertainment.

Everything You Need to Know Before Moving to Brooklyn

Cost of Living

In recent years, Brooklyn has seen substantial growth. In some areas, this has led to an increased cost of living; however, it is still a more affordable option than living in Manhattan. Cost of living prices will vary depending on the neighborhood, but you can expect the median rent price to be around $3,100 per month.

In addition, groceries, utilities, and transportation costs are around 12% higher than the national average. The average Brooklyn resident spends approximately $480 monthly on groceries, and the average meal out costs $20 per person.

Public transit

Much of Brooklyn’s appeal is that it is easily walkable; however, many affordable transit options connect you to and from the city for those too-far destinations. So whether you’ve had a long day shopping at the Brooklyn Flea or enjoy riding your bike to work, transportation is a breeze in Brooklyn.

The city’s rail and bus system is an inexpensive option for transit. Buses and rails run at varying capacities 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you move to Brooklyn, you will likely find that the subways are the easiest and quickest way to travel. They also offer local and regional transportation.

Brooklyn’s Ferry system is also a great way to travel into the city. The NYC Ferry connects residential communities, parks, and industries. These ferries offer additional ways to commute quickly to and from Brooklyn.

Taxis are also available nearly 24/7. However, they tend to be more expensive and, depending on where you are going and the time of day, can be less efficient than the subway.

General Weather

Brooklyn generally has warm and humid summers, with the average temperature hanging around 84°F between June and September. Summers will generally be wet with scattered showers characterizing the afternoons, while winter will be dryer with occasional snow.

During the cold season, the average daily temperature is around 48°F, with lows in the upper twenties. Winter is short and generally lasts about three months before spring temperatures rise in early March.

Food, Restaurants, and Nightlife

Regarding entertainment in Brooklyn, there is no shortage of delicious food and great nightlife. Enjoy delicious Mediterranean Kebabs at Tava, a local favorite. Or, gorge yourself on the famous Rainbow Bagels from The Bagel Store.

Of course, you can not be a local without having a favorite pizza spot. But, no matter your taste, the rich diversity of Brooklyn means that you will have unlimited access to incredible eats at any time of day.

Brooklyn has a vibrant nightlife scene. Brooklyn has various options, whether you are looking for an open mic or hoping to dance the night away. Enjoy an upscale cocktail on the rooftop at Our Wicked Lady or a special happy hour at Union Hall. If you want to dance, head to Bushwick, where you can find an eclectic assortment of nightclubs and bars.

Parks and recreation

Another significant aspect of living in Brooklyn is that it offers access to numerous parks and green spaces, and recreational activities.

Take a walk around Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. This massive green space has lush meadows and multiple ponds and even hosts outdoor concerts in the summer. Adjacent to the park is the stunning Brooklyn Botanical Garden. With its Japanese Garden and cherry tree esplanade, Garden is a great escape from the busy Brooklyn streets.

Beyond the ample nature, there is much to fill your days with. Visit the famous Coney Island, enjoy one of Brooklyn’s many Museums, or catch a comedy show. There is no shortage of recreation in Brooklyn.

From green spaces to tight-knit neighborhoods, Brooklyn serves a small-town feel in the big city. Brooklyn is an excellent option if you are considering moving to New York. This lively and diverse Brooklyn neighborhood is lovely for families and singles alike.

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