February 2022 Theme: Black History + Self-Love

As we enter February, I invite you to take a second and check-in with yourself. Ask questions, how am I doing? Do I need anything? Do I need to slow down? Or Am I in flow with life? I am enjoying this practice I started in October — before that, I could go weeks or an entire month without knowing how I felt and unable to discern my needs. 

Although February is the shortest month of the year, it tends to go slower. It gives us the illusion of being longer than it actually is. Time can feel as if it has slowed down. The coldness of the weather and the darkness of days can seem unnatural to many. 

I hear it from my friends, especially those who move from one thing to another without rest. Those who are always thinking or moving without a moment to quiet the mind and give the body what is needed. 

For me, I love the coldness of the weather and the dark days. I feel comforted by this weather — always have. I am looking forward to the slowness of the month to refocus and spend time on my journey of discovering.

This month we are all about “Black History” and “Self-Love.” What better time to honor yourself and take care of yourself than the month of LOVE. It is the perfect month to practice loving ourselves and filling our cups first. As we celebrate Black History Month, let us remember those who came before us. They are the ones that made so much possible for us. 

“Love is our true nature” — some may laugh at that idea since our world shows and tells us otherwise. But it is true. So today, I encourage you to love yourself. I must caution you, however, it will not happen overnight  — you are responsible for digging deeper and doing the work to get you there. But it will be beautiful to wake up one day and realize, “I like myself, and I love me.” Once we get there, our love of self spills out into our world, and it begins to heal. 

This month on the site, we will be sharing Black-owned brands to support. We will also be giving some #LocalLove to some of the most romantic restaurants in NYC to celebrate Valentine’s Day. A signature cocktail recipe to elevate celebrating V-Day at home. The Foundation of self-love. Must-Read Books from Black authors and so much more. 

Join us as we journey through February, cheers and Have a great month.


Comment below: what have you got planned for February.


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