Five Black-Owned Brands to Buy this Month

Black-Owned Brands to Buy this Month

We, women, are fond of shopping, either online or offline. It can sometimes help us lighten our moods when we are stressed out or having a rough day. I love pampering myself, so going for a massage or going shopping for my hair and beauty products makes me feel a lot better. Today I am sharing some of my favorite Black-Owned brands from Amazon to buy this month. Read on for Five Black-Owned Brands to Buy this Month.

Five Black-Owned Brands to Buy this Month

Live By Being Release Milk Bath

Live By Being

Kennedy Lowery is the owner and principal artisan of Live By Being. Pamper your skin with their 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free bath and body products.

You will love to try their Release Milk Bath, with a handmade blend of pure natural ingredients such as coconut milk, cocoa butter, essential oils, and rose petal flakes.

Eden Cleansing CoWash

EDEN BodyWorks

Jasmine Lawrence launched EDEN BodyWorks back in 2004. EDEN offers quality products that treat and maintain the hair and body’s original design. They offer products with the highest quality, natural ingredients to address everyday hair concerns like breakage, dry hair, itchy scalp, thinning, and more.

I love the Coconut Shea Cleansing CoWash, a gentle cleansing conditioner cream for removing residue and build-up between regular washings.

Flora & Noor Shea Sugar Scrub

Flora & Noor

Jordan Karim is the Founder and CEO of Flora & Noor, an inclusive skincare brand with halal, vegan, and cruelty-free products.

If you are concerned about dryness and dullness in your skin, Shea Sugar Scrub is for you. It removes dead skin, cleans pores, and moisturizes, leaving your scalp and body fresh and renewed.

Yangu Beauty Moisturizing Day Cream

Yangu Beauty

Sipho Gumbo is the founder of Yangu Beauty, a skincare line that uses ancient African oils combined with cutting-edge clinical science to help women with sensitive, oily, and dry skin.

The luxurious Moisturizing Day Cream protects and corrects skin issues, helping skin overcome daily challenges.

Bolden Glow Hydrating Mask


Bolden is the brainchild and passion of Chinelo and Ndidi. Believing that true beauty comes from feeling good in your own skin, they named their brand Bolden from the word embolden.

The Glow Hydrating Mask feels so good on the skin. It soothes and calms stressed-out skin, plus it is deeply hydrating, moisturizing and refreshes skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

And there you have it a few of my favorite Black-Owned Amazon finds.

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