Five Black-Owned Glassware Brands to Buy this Month

Estelle Colored Glass

Five Black-Owned Glassware Brands to Support this month. Join BKLS this month as we deep dive into “The Art Of Entertaining at Home.” And that means having the essentials to make it possible. Of course, one of those essentials is glassware. And what better to kick off the month’s festivities than by featuring a few fantastic Black-Owned Glassware brands we love?

My daughter believes I have an unhealthy obsession with glassware. But I believe fabulous glassware can elevate and beautify someone’s day.

From Tumblrs to Champagne Flutes with varying sizes and shapes—each gorgeous piece of glassware has a purpose. In the past, I bought what I liked or loved and utilized them for their intended purposes.

However, I became very intentional with using my things with time. From using my grandma’s crystal flutes for my morning glass of water or to house, a single red rose by my bedside to using my blush beauties [wine glasses] to enjoy my afternoon Cashew Alternative Yogurt from Trader Joe’s. I want to enjoy my things the way we all should. However, we would like.

I have always believed you do not need a special occasion to use your special things. You can use your items can be used for a variety of purposes. All you need is a little creativity. Fill your days with beauty and make each moment as extraordinary as possible.

Here are five Black-Owned Glassware brands to buy this month.

Estelle Colored Glasses

Stephanie Summerson Hall (a ten-year DC attorney-turned-business-owner) curated an aesthetically pleasing luxury hand-blown collection of stemware and cake stands inspired by her grandmother Estelle. “Jewels for your table” features a mix of jewel tones and soft pastels of vintage-inspired yet refined and modern colored glass collection.

Shop Estelle Colored Glassware from the brand’s website or Nordstrom.

Sister.Ly Drinkware

Sisters Renee and Nicole created Sister.Ly Drinkware. They are on a mission “to create luxurious, elegant, high-quality drinkware that connects women in sisterhood and friendship one glass at a time.” The eye-catching and unique pieces are the highest-quality, lead, and BPA-free.

Like the sisters, I believe your drinkware should reflect your style, and making pieces from Sister.Ly a part of your collection is a fabulous idea. Choose yours here.

Serenity Staples

Serenity Staples was created with a deep passion for cooking. So during 2020, the goal was “to present each meal on beautiful tableware.” When you entertain at home, you want essentials to transform your guest’s experience. And that is what Serenity does. Stylish, beautiful, and exquisite are words that describe Serenity’s glassware.

Purchase yours here.

SustainAble Home Goods

SustainAble Home Good is an Atlanta Based shop owned by LaToya Tucciarone. The drinking glasses, pitchers, and decanters collection is fabulous and stylish.

LaToya created SustainAble “out of a deeply held belief that all men and women are made in the image of God and have inherent worth and value, skills and talents.”

Her mission extends to her partnership with artisan entrepreneurs with a mission to help create sustainable communities. Support LaToya’s mission here.

Camille At The Wheel

Camille At The Wheel is a collection of high-quality handmade, one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces. She creates from her studio in New York City and aims to bring each customer an equal measure of joy and usefulness in her unique creations. The collection has a variety of uses, from teacups to tumblers for wine and cocktails.

Shop Camille At The Wheel Collection here.

Made by Rheal

As a bonus, we wanted to share Made by Rheal, an Etsy shop. It features a well-curated collection of various things, from wall art to jewelry. But above all, I love the fabulous collection of trays and coasters crafted from American-made glass.

Visit Made by Rheal Etsy Shop here.

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