Five Hot Makeup Trends to Try Now

Gemstone Embellished Eyes

I have tried smoky, matte, and shimmer. The list is endless and to experiment is exciting. I do not always get it right, but I enjoy playing dress-up; it reminds me of playing around with my mom’s red lipstick at age six or seven. So, wondering what makeup trends are hot right now?

Dive in as we unveil some of the most spectacular makeup trends right now. Celebrities and everyday people are experimenting with these fabulous makeup styles from award nights to runways. However, before trying any makeup trends, starting with a base of good skincare for your skin type is essential.

Five Makeup Trends Girls are Loving Right Now

Ombre Undereye Concealing

This trend uses four shades of concealer for a flawless undereye. Have you tried ombre undereye makeup?

No matter what you wear, you can do this with a combination of four shades. The rule of the thumb is to apply the lightest shade towards the inner corner of the eyes.

How to do Ombre Undereye Makeup

Step 1

Apply a concealer matching your skin tone under the eyes to cover fine lines and dark circles.

Step 2

Stretch a stroke of the darkest tint from the outer corner of your undereye towards the middle.

Step 3

The next color should be lighter than the first shade and darker than the third shade. Apply with one stroke application from the middle slightly towards the outer corner.

Step 4

Finally, apply the lightest shade with one stroke stretching from the inner corner towards the middle part of the undereye.

The rainbow ombre undereye makeup became hugely popular during spring. But now, some makeup lovers and Tik Tok have simplified the process using two shades. A lighter [one to two shades lighter] concealer is applied to the inner corner of the eyes and a shade that matches your skin from the middle to the outer corner.

Monochromatic Magic

Monochromatic makeup can give incredible results whether you like bold or a simple matte look. It is all about choosing the same color for the eyes, cheeks, and lips. There are umpteen ways to experiment with different shades to get a sophisticated appeal.

Creating monochrome tones is achievable with fewer makeup products. Beck Wainner, the renowned celebrity makeup artist, suggests starting with a daily cream and a lip balm.

The best thing about monochromatic makeup is that you can achieve multiple variations from neutral tones to a smoky look.

Natural Sun-kissed Bronzed Makeup

Gone are the days of sitting on the tanning bed under the sun dabbed in baby oil. Messy and hazardous. Once you have chosen the self-tanner/bronzer based on your complexion, it takes a few minutes to apply. First, get a fake tanner one to two shades darker than your skin tone. You can do this with a liquid bronzer and application mitt or makeup brushes.

Use powdered bronzers for an oil-free sun-kissed look. But using a lotion or mouse is best suited for gals with dry to normal skin. These products give the perfect natural-looking even-tone perfection for a longer time.

Shimmer Metallic Makeup

The metal mania is not going away anytime soon. Olivia Jade, Vanesa Hudgens, and many other Hollywood beauties joined the bandwagon in charismatic metallic makeup this year.

Metallic makeup looks stunning on all skin tones; fair or dusky. From subdued tints to dark palettes, there are multiple choices to flaunt the glitzy runway look. For those who do not want to go overboard, it is possible to achieve this look with a regular tinted moisturizer, nude eyeshadow, gloss lipstick, and glitter powder formula.

Gemstone Embellished Eyes

The craze for gemstone eye makeup is quite popular and simply fabulous. There are so many variations to try with crystal eye makeup. You can go minimal with a couple of colorful studs or go vibrant in starry eyelids.

Crystals pair great with shimmer eye makeup and glittery mascara. It accentuates the beauty of your eyes. Try pearl studs with a white outfit to reduce the sparkling effect.

What is your current favorite makeup look? Please share with us below.

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