For Women’s History Month: Shinese Dunlap

So many women inspire me. And I wish I could have featured them all here during March. But time did not permit it, and I am still tightening things up here. As we approach the end of Women’s History, I share another woman who inspires me. Shinese Dunlap: mother, wife, friend, and one of the most authentic people I have met.

I do not remember how we met, but we did meet on Instagram. At that time, her Instagram handle was @bkgirlsnightout. Her focus was curating popup events helping small businesses and people with side projects make their businesses visible. 

I loved the concept and immediately became a supporter of her events. I have met some beautiful vendors whose products and services have evolved tremendously. And gained visibility through these events. Many of which I still support. 

There was something about that beautiful, complexion Black woman that made her stand out on a medium where everyone appears the same. She was honest, genuine, and forthcoming with her life stories. What you saw was exactly who she was without pretense. And her smile lit up every room she entered. She became a friend.

The events she curated were incredibly successful and attained the goal of spotlighting women entrepreneurs and their products and services. 

Shinese has begun her journey to elevated living. And her Instagram, as well as her content, reflects who she is. Her IG is now, and you can find her sharing her journey with fibroid, her experiences as a new wife, dates with her daughter And so many more stories to inspire us all and remind us that we are all figuring things out.

We reached out to Shinese and asked her what she believed to be the power of a woman, from her point of view, and this was her response: 

The power of a woman is so many things to me. It can be in her smile, the way she lights up the room with one look. 

It can be in the way she speaks or expresses herself. 

It can be in the way that she makes people feel comfortable. 

Women are amazing creatures. God blessed us with so much power. But our real strength is how we use it and what we use it for. 

I love being a woman because the more I grow, the more I understand it and become it. 

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