Happy April

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Dearest Dahlings

It’s a new month and the beginning of the second quarter, yet on April 1st, I didn’t feel like it was a new month. I felt as though my life was in an unpleasant state of repeat.

Our new normal is nothing to do and nowhere to be. And some days, I feel it more than others.

I’ve been made several attempts to write my usual beginning of the month letter. But it became such a difficult task until now.

As human beings, we sometimes forget that life equals change. Learning to adapt to changes means we experience less stress. Somewhere over the last few weeks, I forgot how simple it is. It’s not easy but simple and straightforward. It’s about perspective — life from a different perspective.

I feel vulnerable and insecure, downright out of control. Whenever I’ve chosen to make changes in my life, I’ve felt a sense of excitement. But the changes that have taken place over the last weeks have caused me, and I’m sure so many of you to experience stress and fear.

The truth is, we are the only ones who can take back control.

I’ve realized that we do not have to live in panic and anxiety. We can choose our responses to the unwanted changes that the Coronavirus has caused in our lives.

I feel it deep within that we were created to survive and thrive. We have everything we need within, I believe—everything to bring us to a place of faith, hope, trust, gratitude, and love is with us at this very moment.

As I sit here this morning in quiet contemplation, my focus has shifted to you — I’m wondering.

How are you?

Are you choosing to be hopeful?

Will you choose to be gentle with yourself today?

Are you giving yourself a healthy dose of love you deserve today?

Its a tough time, but it too shall pass. The Coronavirus pandemic is a big and scary problem that we can’t solve right now. Every day I wake up, I crave a sense of steadiness like I’m sure many of you do. But I also believe we have allowed this situation to control us for way too long (four weeks is a long time) — it’s time to focus on the things we do have control over.

Kindness comes in all shapes and sizes, and while I strongly encourage you to do your best to help someone who needs you. Be kind to you first and foremost. Take little steps each day to nurture your health and well-being. When we take time to be kinder to ourselves — we can, in turn, be more compassionate to others. When we take time to take care of ourselves — we can better care for and support those we love.

You may feel alone, but you’re not alone in this. Fear is doing what it does best — taking us away for our ability to stay connected to one another, our resilience, and our strength to remain focus on the possibilities that are still very much before us.


We have the power to choose how we respond.

As always, I send love and today a BIG hug — stay safe.





Articles like this one are written to offer practical advice, provide some entertainment, foster a sense of social cohesion, and remind us that life is still beautiful during these strange and isolating times.

Nat C.


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