Happy December

December 1st is finally here, and my first thought was, “if I make it through December, everything will be okay.” Each month in 2021 seemed to roll effortlessly into each other, and each one a bit more challenging. 

As each month appeared, I thought how perfect, a chance at a new beginning — maybe this month I will feel better and do better. But there always seemed to be haunting remnants of the month before lingering in my thoughts and emotions. 

I used to be so in love with December—after all, it’s the most magical time of the year. People laugh a little more, there’s a bit more joy, and people are kinder to each other. But this December, it is a bit different for me — I dread the days ahead. My dad would have celebrated his 68th birthday on December 8th.  And this will be my first year without my dad. So I am making a little extra effort to find joy and appreciation #inallthelittlethings.

This month I will be intentional with my self-care. I will be mindful to focus on things and people important to me. If there are holiday traditions that I don’t feel like being a part of, then I won’t be. I’m being selfish with my time and energy. 

I don’t hate December; I am having a moment here — a love/hate sort of thing. 

We are not featuring a theme this month (we will continue with our featured themes in January 2022). But I wanted to take a few minutes to share that I am not feeling so great right now, and if you’re feeling a bit off, sad, or overwhelmed, it’s okay — if you’re finding it difficult to get into the holiday spirit that’s fine as well. 

Take time for yourself, attend to your needs and if you don’t know what those needs are, take a second and ask yourself. And If you need a little extra support this month, don’t be afraid to ask for it. The holidays are stressful and overwhelming on their own, and when paired with our everyday lives, it is okay not to be okay — it’s okay to take more time for yourself. 

I wish you a Fabulous December, my dears — may this December be a time to focus on the people and things that matters to you. May it be the month you take time to care for yourself because you deserve a little extra TLC.

Comment below — what’s your favorite Holiday tradition?

Nat C.


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