Happy Friday

Happy Friday Dahlings

Hope all is well in your world. In my world things appear to be normal today — my laptop died last week and I have lost all of my pre-written content. I have someone working to retrieve them, she has been working diligently and I am happy to report that she is making progress. I know, I know who leaves their precious content on their computer? Lesson well learned. Google doc is my new best friend moving forward. There are so many articles coming your way, about wellness, post card from Brooklyn and other good stuff. I apologize in advance for the several emails you will receive but I promise you will enjoy them.

I have not been to my office for months and have no access to my desktop but with a bit of self convincing I purchased a new MacBook Pro. It was received yesterday and I stayed up until 4AM to get it all set up. I am always excited for new technology and I am even more excited to be posting today.

My writing process is quite strange in this day and age but I enjoy it immensely. I still write and edit all of my articles with a good ole fashion pen and paper. I then type it up and publish it. Its therapeutic and I don’t think I will ever change this process unless maybe I become truly eccentric and get myself a typewriter (we’ll see lol).

Anyway we are back in business and I am pleased — writing to you is what has kept me sane all these months and that is why I continued to do it. So whatever you’re doing that is helping you to move forward as our days seem to roll into each other. Do more of it.

I wish you a fabulous weekend and I will be in touch soon.

As Always, I’m sending love. Stay Safe.




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