Happy New Year

Cheers to 2019

Happy New Year and a wonderful new decade to you my dahlings.

I sincerely hope you took time out to be with family and friends and you enjoyed every bit of it.

I finally scheduled writing this post as I have been very intentional with my time and energy leading up to the New Year and now we’re here I plan on continuing to be intentional every day.


I’m sitting in my cozy living room, with the front door slightly open enjoying the crisp cold morning air. Munching on some spiced stewed apples and the delicious scent of Ylang Ylang oil.

I welcomed 2020 with my family and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. My daughter, my sister and my nine-year-old niece who also invited her friend Valentina. My aunt Nich, my assistant Natasha and our friend Rose. What made it even more special is my niece Gina was here with us. We don’t see her often so her being here made it that more special.


I started a tradition NYE 2018 that I intend to continue. Everyone who spent NYE 2018 with me was given a notecard just after the New Year hit. I told them to write their dreams and goals for 2019 and what they were grateful for at that time. They were instructed to seal it and address it to themselves.

During the craziness of November I took time out to write a special note on the backs of beautiful Holiday pop up cards for each of my past guests  I expressed my gratitude for each of them and told them the ways in which they have inspired me. My intention was to mail it to them but I believed it would be more special if they were given the cards in person.

As my guests arrived at 11 PM NYE I gave them each an envelope. It was wonderful to watch them open their cards. There were laughter and tears but the most important thing is that they were able to read their note cards and see their journey through 2019. With Champagne (adults) and Sparkling white grape juice (kids) in hand, we cheered to 2019.

As we counted down to 2020 I stared at each face in front of me and I felt a sense of joy and deep appreciation for each of them. As we raised our glasses and screamed HAPPY NEW YEAR it was the perfect start to a new year and a new decade.

My Wish for you.

Today I raise my glass to you as I type this. My wish for each of you for 2020 is Health, true love, joy, peace, pleasurable moments, great purpose and intentional living.

Health because without health we cannot do anything. True love because without love we are unable to do magical things. Find love in its truest form – unconditional and without expectations. Renew love with a long-time special someone, discover true with yourself or take a chance and open your hearts to new love even if it’s with a pet.

Joy because without Joy we can’t hear our hearts sing those beautiful songs that sustain us through each moment. Joy is the source of our smiles. Peace because without peace our lives are in constant confusion with ourselves and others. There is no harmony and we miss our inner messages. Pleasurable Moments because without pleasure moments we are not truly living. Our senses aren’t given a chance to ignite.

Great Purpose because without purpose we are drifting aimlessly through life. A life without purpose is a life without a destination. Intentional living because without living with intention we are going through life unaware and we are missing some truly special experiences and people.

On January 1st this popped into my mind – I read it someplace but can’t remember where:
“Balance is the key to everything. What we do, think, say, eat and feel. They all require awareness and through awareness, we grow (and glow)”

My advice for 2020 is:  FIND YOUR OWN WAY. Live on your own terms. These days we live in a world of copy cats and people aspiring to be like other people and not in a Healthy good way.

Visualize what your way looks like – write about it. Determine what balance looks like for you – what does balance mean to you?

In the past year, I’ve realized creating time for the things I have to do as well as the things I’d like to do brought me peace and harmony to me. I started living on my own terms. My life was chaotic and I needed to find my way.

I found that creating harmony between my life’s responsibilities while scheduling time daily and weekly to do the things that bring me pleasure, personal satisfaction, and rejuvenation. It’s made me feel good.

So my dahlings don’t do what she does or he does or they do or even as I do, do what you do. Find your own way!





Nat C.


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