Happy St Valentine’s Day Brooklyn

When I first met my husband – one of the things he told me was that he did not celebrate #Valentinesday. I thought he was kidding. We had our first fight the night before #Valentinesday.

My first thought was, who doesn’t like the day of Love? I was so mad at him I made plans to go with my grandma to have dinner at her church. Imagine my surprise when I got out of the shower to find a beautiful card, roses, and chocolate on my bed on Valentine’s night.

 I did not want to disappoint my grandmother, and I went to her church’s dinner. He was upset, and I thought, oh well (don’t judge me, lol).

Today my opinion of what Valentine’s Day should be has undoubtedly evolved.  While I think we all should try to do something special on an actual day. I now know and understand that Love should be celebrated every day. We should not miss an opportunity to enjoy those special moments every day with those we love.

Today I wish us all a Happy #Valentinesday. Celebrate silly moments, laughter, sweet smiles, perfectly imperfect kisses, huge hugs, sweet text messages, and joyful moments. But let us do it today and every day for the rest of our lives.

We had another snowstorm today. I did not wake up to a beautiful card or beautiful orchids. And that is ok because I woke up to my husband’s kind smile and a deep knowing that I am loved every day. 

Tonight we are having dinner at Fushimi Bayridge, and I’m sure we will laugh ourselves silly and have memories for years to come.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day.


Enjoy completely




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