Here are the Top Ten Beauty Trends for 2023

Top Ten Beauty Trends for 2023 Every Woman Should Know

The experts have spoken and highlighted the Top Beauty Trends for 2023.

Hello Dahlings! We Hope you are enjoying the New Year—it is the 19th today, so is it still a New Year? YES, I think it is. How is your closet? Is it stacked with a few new pieces that you plan to debut in the coming weeks [maybe a few pieces from the A|W fashion shows]?

What’s next?

It is time to get the latest beauty trends that will be everywhere, at least for the next 12 months. Beauty professionals have spoken, and today we are featuring the best tips and tricks [AKA best beauty trends for 2023] to help you flaunt the best version of you in 2023.

So, let us dive in to explore the emerging beauty trends of 2023 and how you can apply them in real life to your skin, hair, and nail.

Part 1- Top Makeup Trends 2023

The Beauty of Bare Makeup

As minimalism gains prominence in the fashion world, clean and polished yet gorgeous picture-perfect makeup has emerged as the new trend. The golden sun-kissed glow, even-tone complexion, and light shimmery tinted skincare products help accent the facial features for the no-makeup look.

1. Dewy Pink Blush

The classic coquette makeup of the 18th century is all poised for 2023. So as you dress up in Barbiecore hot pink frilly outfit, give a touch of hyperfeminine aesthetics to your look in pink and pastel blushes. This makeup trend goes well with big lashes and bold lipstick shades.

2. Euphoria Bejeweled Eye Makeup

The rhinestone eye makeup will be everywhere in 2023. Adding a bit of sparkled jewel stones around the eyes allows you to evade the inner-eye highlighter at times. Get an extra edge surpassing the bold smoky demeanor. Shun the classic black and switch to vibrant shades, shimmers, and even monochromes.

Play with brighter hues…red, blue, or yellow, or you can go metallic in bronze or silver. Euphoric gemstone makeup is possible with almost any color.

3. Natural Eyebrows

There were 55.2 million searches for natural brows on Tiktok in 2022 when the trend arrived in a demure appeal. We could not get over the frenzy of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in her brushed-up brows. Skip the monthly threading sessions at the salon, allowing your brows to grow naturally.

4. Peptide Lip Treatment

Recently, Bela Hadid unveiled the secret behind those juicy lips [Hailey Bieber’s brand Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment]. The restoration method gives you plump and moisturized lips reducing the appearance of fine lines.

The search for Peptide Lip Treatment has surged 400% over the internet, making it the second-biggest beauty trend of the year, only next to Chebula.

5. Bold Lip Colors

Statement lips are part of the new trend as your makeup goes light and natural. No matter your outfit for the day or night, bold lips accent the facial features in a no-makeup look. Dark shades, whether matte or gloss, elevate the beauty when paired with bronze or pink blush.

Part 2- Hairstyles that will Dominate 2023

6. Side-Part Hairdo

Whether you have deep curls or shiny slick strands, side partings are here to give you a refined look this year. Once considered an antwacky fashion statement, this trend is swaying women everywhere.

We are all mesmerized by the side parting renaissance highly popularized by Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Megan Thee Stallion, and many other celebs.

7. Bronde Copper Hair Color

Believe it or not, gold copper was the most popular hair color trend in 2022. But, it is crimson all around in Hollywood as women chose copper blonde. There are celebrity-inspired looks to take cues from how to go ravishing in red, copper, and deep chestnut.

From tennis stars Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka to Kendall Jenner and Barbie Ferreira, these copper shades can transform your look in 2023.

8. Haircuts for Varying Hair Lengths

You may choose any hair length that compliments your confidence, ease of maintenance, and so on. It is all about styling right with the present trends. Here are the expert hairstyle picks for varying lengths.

Straightened Strands [Long Mane]

If curls are not on your mind, sleek, straight hair is popular this year. It is the ideal solution for those who are bored with messy layers. Straight hair with glossy strands gives you a polished and graceful persona that matches different outfits and occasions.

As for the haircuts, you may get a butterfly cut for a stylish vibe.

Messy Layered Haircut [Medium Length]

If you like to keep it all messy, think of a shag haircut for medium to short lengths. For girls with curly hair like Jennifer Hudson, an undercut can give a messy effect to the mane. No matter your hair type or length, choppy layers can give you a makeover.

Bob Cut [Short Hair]

The classic Amelie bob cut is on trend for 2023. Girls with blonde hair color can go for the wavy bob. Box bob cut gives a facelift to voluminous and quadratic hair when straightened.

Part 3- Envious Nail Art

9. Glazed Donut Nails

Everyone is looking for nail art tutorials on YouTube on how to get the glazed donut nails popularized by Hailey Bieber. With a basic nail kit, you can do it all at home. No need to visit a salon unless you want a professional manicure before applying the shimmery nude nail polish.

10. Ombre Nail Art

The buzz over ombre nails has not tapered off on Instagram—it looks like it is here to stay [for a while, anyway]. Of course, the pink-and-white contrasts have been around for some time. But you can go with any shade for the pizzazz factor.

Go with green, peach, and other lighter hues on the pastel palettes. Those who love bold may try yellow, purple, navy blue, red and black, metallic, and more.

You need to follow a simple rule. Keep it light at the top and let the bright hues pop up gradually from the middle to the tip.

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