How to Make the Best of 2023

As 2022 was at its end, I asked myself what I wanted in 2023 and made a list. But I think the next question was equally important, if not more. How to make the best of 2023? And here is how I decided to get the best of 2023.

I think sometimes we ask the obvious questions, but to get to a place of clarity, we should stage our questions differently. I made a list, but honestly, it was a list of things I wanted to accomplish, and yes, those are important. But how will I get the best out of the year 2023? How will I do that?

I will share something I read in 2015. At the time, it did not resonate, but I like saving words and sayings. I love keeping them in my notebook when I need something inspirational and empowering.

I am in a season of acceptance and letting go. And while it has proven to be more challenging than I anticipated—it is nice to go through my notebooks and find words to get me through this time of my Life.

Here it is…

“There comes the point in your Life when you realize who matters, who never did, who will not anymore, and who always will. So do not worry about people and things from your past. There is a reason they did not or will not make it into your future.

Remember, it is never too late or too early to be whatever you want—there is no time limit. So stop wherever you are now at this moment. You can choose to stay the same or change.

There are no rules to this thing called Life. You can make it the best of times or the worst of times. But I hope you make it the very best of times.

I hope you see things you have never seen before and feel things you have never felt before. But most of all, I hope you experience Life in a way you never have, with steadiness, love, peace, and harmony.

I hope you meet people with different points of view and be open to learning something new.

And choose to live a life you are proud of, and if you find that you are not, I hope that you have the strength and courage to start over again.

Because you are worthy of experiencing Life in the best and most beautiful way ever.”

The End…

I did not note a source and can not remember where I found that text. But those words resonate now in a way they did not before. But I think it is saying that Life is what you choose to make it, and if you dare to live genuinely, you will throw all of society’s rules and expectations out the window. And create new ones that empower and encourage you to get the most out of your Life.

Here is how I intend to make the best of 2023.

Below are universal ideas I have and am implementing to get the best out of this year—some might be old for you, while others might be new to you. Some may work for you while others may not, but the important thing is to take what you need and what will work for you and leave the rest. Try them on, do they fit, and if they do not. How can you make adjustments and apply them to your Life, or are they just not right for you this season? Or they will not work. The key here is to find what is useful and adapt it for you. You get to decide—it is your Life you choose.

1. Make your Health a Priority.

Health is your true wealth—if you are not healthy, you will not be able to accomplish anything, especially the best 2023.

Start small with realistic Fitness goals [maybe move a little more, or walk up the stairs] that will get you to the larger goals of losing a few pounds, having more energy, et cetera.

2. Take care of your Emotional Diet

So many of us are emotionally unwell—our minds are tired and worn out. In the same way, we need to get healthy in our bodies; we need to get emotionally healthy. Take the time without judgment to listen to how you speak to yourself, about others, and to others. And listen to how others talk to themselves, others, and about others. Disturbing emotions exist in their minds [and ours], creating alarming thoughts.

“Me time” has been on trend—sadly, 98% of the things we engage in during our so-called “me time” are not done to benefit us and our wholeness.

Proper “me time” is getting yourself healthy in mind, body, and soul, ensuring your needs are met, et cetera.

Make time to get your mind healthy. First thing in the morning, ideally for an hour, but even if it is for ten minutes, say a prayer, meditate, journal, stretch, go for a walk [do all of those if you can]. However, do not get on your phone or Social Media, do not watch the news, check your emails, or engage in negative thoughts. Instead, say a prayer for yourself and your family, send a blessing to someone else, choose an affirmation for the day, or set an intention for your day.

Affirm examples:

  • I am a Happy Being,
  • I am a kind being,
  • I am a compassionate being,
  • I am a loving being,
  • I am an ocean of happiness
  • I am a child of God [the universe, the higher power], et cetera

Be aware and never attach I am to anything negative: I am stressed, I am depressed, et cetera. When you use I AM, ensure it is followed by something powerful, gentle, and uplifting.

Throughout the day, set your alarm if you must, but every 59 minutes for one minute, reaffirm that positive affirmation or that intent you select for that day.

Take the last hour of the day to let go of worries, should haves, could haves, or did not do—No technology, no news, no TV, or no social media.

A woman stretching her arms up facing the sea

More on Reflection—take time to reflect.

Honest Reflection gives you insight into your Life. It allows you to see everything you have done right and the awareness to realize what is not working or needs improvement. It is an inventory.

Reflection questions.

Are you doing what is right by you and for you? How are you feeling? How do you feel today? Are you trying to heal, improve, or better yourself? How do you feel right now?

What feels effective, uplifting, and worthwhile? What practices help you to be more gentle and inclusive—of yourself and others? Find the things that feel burdensome, heavy, vacuous, costly, and obligatory. They drain you even if they seem to be effortless tasks.

Take time, and keep your mind soft, safe, and non-judgmental. Take note of the things that are fulfilling, effective, gentle, uplifting, et cetera and magnify them—create more space in your Life for them. And phase out the stuff that is distracting and draining. This is a part of self-care—practice it as often as possible.

You want to take the time to review [reflect] always [ask yourself questions, even difficult ones]—do this daily, weekly, or monthly. Daily Reflection can be powerful for some and overwhelming for others, so maybe weekly works best for you, or work your way up to a daily practice. Do it and see what works. The best times are the end of the day, week, or month.

Simplify—do more fulfilling and uplifting things and phase out the draining and distracting ones.

3. Begin to build a better relationship with yourself.

Creating a better relationship with yourself comes right after you have changed your mindset around health and begun working to be healthier.

Many of us do not know who we are, and when faced with circumstances or challenges, we can not cope or move toward resolution due to a lack of self-knowledge.

Taking the time to get to know yourself will substantially impact all areas of your Life. It is like learning a new skill or system—we understand how and why it works the way it does. And how it contributes to what we are doing as a whole.

It is the same with getting to know and building a relationship with yourself. You figure out your inner workings, how you work and why you work the way you do.

We are different; we do not work or see things the same way. You will gain valuable insight into understanding your thoughts and feelings. And explore ways of thinking and being that optimize your health and wholeness.

4. Take time to Reevaluate.

Reevaluate what you want to bring into 2023 [it is not too late to do that]. Know why you want it—your intention behind what you want? And what do you want to leave behind in 2022? Make a list.

Get into the habit of asking yourself throughout 2023 what is the intention of saying this or wanting that or doing this, et cetera. This allows you to approach things from a good place and help you determine your needs. And whether or not you are doing, saying, or being from your heart or outside influences.

5. Be selective.

Guard your peace and energy—be picky about who has access to you. Be selective with the words you use, the thoughts you think, and the people you have around you.

Not everyone deserves to hear your story or know your business. And indeed, not everyone deserves to remain in your Life.

6. Be open to accepting and focus on what is within your control.

When you focus on accepting and are aware of what is within your control, you direct the quality of your Life.

You choose your response or reaction. More importantly, you select the state of heart-mind that informs your response or reaction. You can control your attitude, your behaviors, et cetera.


Do not allow yourself to be dragged into a situation that will steal your energy or peace. Be respectful [respect yourself first, then the other person] and Respond assertively. Still, there is no need to get into a screaming match with anyone and not match another person’s negative energy. Send them a blessing.

7. Do not be afraid to walk away.

Sometimes you know something is not for you—when you no longer belong in that place or with that person or situation, but it is not easy to accept. And so you overstay your welcome; take things you should not and normalize things that are not normal.

We all deserve love, respect, good treatment, et cetera, and if those things are not on the table [or are no longer there], walk away—we can not be afraid of walking away from toxic relationships or situations.

8. Be open.

Be open to doing better, forgiving, healing, leaving, staying, and changing. Do not wait to have all the answers—you do not need a clear vision, map, or all the answers.

Just be open to Life—the answers will show up.

Water flowing between rocks with the texts "just go with the flow"

9. Go with the flow.

Sometimes going with the flow of Life feels like you are an observer in your own Life. As if you are being careless and lazy. But being nonresistance to Life [flowing] is responsiveness, alertness, relaxation, flexibility, and paying attention.

Yes, you are focused on what is essential, and you have prioritized what matters the most to create the Life you want for yourself in 2023. However, you are not being rigid. Instead, you are paying attention to the signals Life sends you. As a result, you are alert, trusting, and empowered.

10. Stay steadfast and Celebrate.

Life is about the journey, and so is 2023; neither is about the destination [whatever you do or be this year goes with you through Life—it is perfectly imperfect, not perfection. And along the trip, you will have significant and small wins, setbacks, joy, mistakes, peace, broken hearts, blissful moments, disappointments, et cetera. It is simply Life.,

A woman happily celebrating

But it is essential to celebrate the big and small wins and all of nature’s seasons. Enjoy the moments, learn the lessons, capitalize on the opportunities, pivot, cry, laugh, and celebrate it all from that place you have become. Be who you are [you have chosen who you want to be] no matter what is happening around you or how you feel.

You can make your Life and 2023 the best of times or the worst of times.

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