It is Almost Spring in New York City

It is Almost Spring in NYC

It is officially March in New York City [NYC], and while everyone I know is ready for Spring in New York City, I am still swooning over Monday’s snowy night and hoping there are a few more nights like those before it is officially Spring. But Happy March, my Dahlings–let us welcome March in NYC. After all, it is the bestest month of the year–the month I was born.

While the best birthday present would be a month-long vacation someplace gorgeous and relaxing, I know it will not happen this month, but I hope at some point this year. I have not made any birthday plans [really unlike me], but my friends are excited to celebrate. And I am most excited about celebrating March in the best way possible and welcoming Spring in NYC.

Ok, it is March. What do we have in store for the month?

We hope you have noticed the changes we have been implementing on the site over the last few weeks and you are enjoying the content. In addition, we have been more active on Instagram [still an overwhelming task], but we will get better. There are still kinks being worked on, but there is so much more to come, and we are incredibly excited, so make sure you visit often. And if you run into any blips on our site, please be kind and send us a quick message. We would sincerely appreciate it.

It is Women’s History Month, and we are excited that the theme for 2023 is “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories” because, as women, we tell each other’s stories every day with every action, inaction, experience, struggle, et veteran–so take time this month and celebrate the women who tell our stories.

This month on BKLS, we will be sharing the

In addition, we will be featuring a few women who tell our stories and so much more.

Last month I returned to exploring NYC and visiting old favorites and new finds. Unfortunately, towards the end of last year, I stopped. I went out maybe once a week and did not try many new places. But I am excited to get back out there. There is outdoor art I would like to visit, pretty exciting museum exhibitions, and tons of new Restaurants on my list to try.

So my Dahlings, Happy March – have a fabulous month.

Comment below and share your plans for March.

Nat C.


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