July 2022 Theme: The Art of Beauty

the art of beauty

Oh, Dahlings, July is finally here. Please make no mistake; I am not trying to rush the year ahead. But May and June were both emotionally and mentally exhausting months for me. I began feeling a sense of calm and relief as June ended, and I eased into July. I can not say how the month will progress, but July has always been a good month for me—exuding a sort of beauty I only experience in December.

Before heading into this month’s theme, I want to thank those visiting the site more often and email me beautiful and kind messages. I am truly grateful. It is lovely to have readers other than my family [?], so thank you with all my heart.

There is so much to share with you, and I am excited to do so. But using a monthly theme to guide the content for this site though restrictive [too restricting at times], has proved to be adequate to the flow and consistency I have come to enjoy. Still, I am working through the right balance of topics to share, but I am taking it in baby steps. I do hope I am adding value in some way or another to your life.

While we are excited to share so many fabulous topics on the site this month, we are also excited for our summer break. So, unfortunately, some of this month’s articles will spill over to August because of our upcoming vacation.

This month’s theme on BKLS is “The Art of Beauty.”

"Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” Khalil Gibran

I have learned to look at beauty so differently these days. These days there is an evolved sort of beauty that I believe many of us appreciate and embrace, which takes us far away from societal and social media’s “basic” definition of what beauty should be.

Our object this month is to explore beauty in all its forms. A true exploration of an elevated definition [or rather the true definition] of what beauty is. Join me as I share my exploration of what it means for me as a woman in my 40s to redefine beauty.

This July we are writing about

  • Black-Owned Beauty Brand to get on your radar
  • The Foundation of Beauty
  • What it means to embrace and celebrate our differences
  • Aging and Beauty
  • Our favorite Summer Essentials
  • Becoming the best version of your kind of beauty
  • Ten Local Spas to Enjoy
  • The Art of Beautiful words
  • Tinted Moisturizer for the No Makeup, Makeup girl
  • And a few Summer Cocktail recipes to keep on rotation throughout the Summer.

So stay tuned for this and plenty more throughout the month ahead. Have a fabulous and safe Fourth of July. And I pray you embrace all the beauty that enters your life this July. Happy July, Darlings.

Nat C.


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