Korean Gustopub + Rooftop: East Hae gives Williamsburg their take on Korean + American Classics

There are so many restaurants to choose from in Brooklyn and our ever-growing list of restaurants to try make it a challenging task on any given day. To choose the type of cuisine we want to eat.

East Hae made it to our list a week after opening on February 13th, and they seemed like the perfect Friday night choice. Described as a Korean Gustopub and Rooftop. East Ha are serving their unique take on Korean and American classics.

Located on the third floor of the building occupied by Urban Outfitters (Space 98) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Easily missed, you can enter through the metal exposed staircase or the elevator located just to the side in Urban Outfitters. We used the elevator and were immediately greeted by a gracious host as we exited to a space that will lead you to the cozy bar area with the live DJ or the restaurant’s dining room.

Bar seating

The Dining Room


The vibe is lively but not at all noisy. The sparsely decorated dining room is cheerful and diverse. The industrial interior is dimly lit with somewhat of communal setup. A mural featuring a Korean ship with the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline as the background grace the wall and grabs your attention. The mural is by local artist Kevin Roundtree. The no-fuss table setting blends well with the interior, and the space flows effortlessly.

Any seat in the dining room offers a beautiful view of the simi-open concept kitchen and the open wood-burning grill.

The menu

The menu features an excellent offering of FUSION dishes with several small plate options that will give you a slight taste of indecisiveness. We decided on the head-on Prawn, the Octopus, and the Scallion Pancakes.

Grilled Octopus
Head-on Prawn

The head-on prawn is perfectly grilled with subtle tastes of fresh garlic and lemon.  It is the perfect balance of sweet and tangy — not overwhelming. The grilled octopus has a sweet-spicy flavor that will not liquefy your taste buds, but it will make you order to seconds. The lightly fluffed pancake dipped in the ginger soy sauce has a nice dose of ginger and will melt in your mouth.

Scallion Pancakes

The Kimchi fried rice serving was plentiful and richly flavored. A MUST ORDER! East Hae embraced traditions with their shared plates: serving the dishes with rice, kimchi, vegetables, and of course, the dipping sauces.

The menu offers two shared plate options: the Bulgoggi and Fish Ssaam. We choose the Fish Ssaam — a whole red snapper fillet and grilled. The red snapper was slightly seasoned just enough to give us the chance to enjoy the dish as a whole. Served with rice, kimchi, fresh greens lettuce wrap, and three dipping sauces (ssaamjang, mustard, and soy serrano).

Fish Ssaam
Lettuce Wrap + Dipping Sauce

The dessert was a beautiful finish to a glorious meal. The Korean style donut (Hotteak) and espresso ice cream will leave you smiling.


The cocktail menu nicely complements the dinner menu. There is a small offering of wine, a generous offering of beers, and a finely curated cocktail section. We had the Minteu and a classic gin dirty Martini. The Minteu is tasty and refreshing. I can’t wait to explore the other cocktails.


Any restaurant that takes the time to pair great food with fantastic service is a win-win in my book. The staff is attentive, kind, and present. They truly made our dining experience an A+.

(Owner) Chris Lim + Cedric Sanders (GM)

Chris Lim is the owner of East Hae. He is humble, kind and friendly. Along with his partner, Chris owns over 80 restaurants. They are also the owners of the famed Poké Bar Franchise and Leftwing. Chris said this is the first restaurant of this concept and he’s excited about all that will be offered to North Williamsburg. It was pleasure to also meet Cedric Sanders (GM) and Juan Carlos — both were kind and warm.

East Hae is open for Happy Hour with a generous menu — Monday through Friday at the Bar area ONLY.

Happy Hour Menu

There a full calendar of exciting promotions and entertainment planned for East Hae, built around music and social connections. With live music, DJ sets, late-night specials, and interactive programming you are guaranteed to have a belly full and fun filled visit. The Rooftop opens next month giving us another reason to visit.

East Hae is a nice addition to N 6th Street and the perfect destination spot. The comforting atmosphere, tasty food,  cocktails and A+ service make East Hae a MUST visit for everyone. Make it a night with the girls or an intimate experience with your person.

I would love to hear about your visit – email me at nat@brooklynslifestyle.com

East Hae
98 N 6th Street – BTW Berry & Wythe

Monday – Wednesday 5 PM – 12 AM
Thursday & Friday       5 PM – 2 AM
Saturday                       2 PM – 2 AM
Sunday                          2 PM – 10 PM






Nat C.


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