Life Can Be So Sad at Times

I am not a fan of the news. I rarely watch it because it is always so sad. Somehow still, I end up hearing about the tragic things in our beloved borough.

While on a mission to grab my morning shot of espresso, I overheard two women talking about the stabbing of two children. I immediately googled it. And without warning, the tears began to flow. I felt so many emotions all at once: sadness, anger, frustration, fear, and empathy. 

How could someone stab two innocent children? How were their parents coping? So many questions and no answers. I could no longer stand in line for coffee. Even while running. I could not make it back to my car quickly enough to say a prayer. I ask for comfort and blessing for the parents and family of the two children. What were these families going through, I could not understand or imagine.

I have three nieces and two nephews, all below the age of 7, and sitting here with the thought of anything happening to them made me gasp for a breath, and I felt sick to my stomach.

As much as we would like to protect our children 110% of the time—hideous crimes against children take place every day all over the world. It is sad even if we don’t know the families.

As I drove up to the building, I saw the community coming together. A community that cares about each other and the children: I felt a spark of joy as I saw the unity, support, and comfort that this community was providing to the families of the two angels. As I placed the two roses with the toys, candles, and flowers left by neighbors and others, I asked God to bring us together more. Not only in sad times but at all times to make our world a better place. 

Although we are all independent of each other—we need to understand that we are connected. Our world will not be a better place unless we collectively come together.

Tonight I ask that we feel the connectedness as we pray for a speedy recovery for Mikayla and God’s comforting touch for PJ’s family.







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