#LocalLove: Please Help

Storm Ida has caused severe flash flooding and tornadoes across the northeast of the US, killing dozens and causing devastation in several states. 

New York City and New Jersey have been hit by exceptional levels of rain, with residents left trapped in flooded basements and vehicles. Tornadoes, caused by the storm, ripped off roofs and sent debris thousands of feet into the air. Several people lost lives, their homes, vehicles, and all of their personal belongings. 

My friend lost his car, and another set of friends lost all of their personal belongings. Fortunately, my friend that lost his car will be able to purchase a new car with the assistance of his insurance. While, my other friends, though they are unable to replace pictures and personal memorabilia, are in a position to replace all of their material possessions. 

Unfortunately, not everyone has the resources to replace what was lost during this challenging time. Some people will need our help. Below is Bibiane and Mario’s story and here is a link to their GoFundMe

 Our names are Bibiane and Mario. On September 1st, 2021, while we were asleep, our street became a river because of Ida’s flash flood. We woke up with our home completely flooded and our furniture floating everywhere.

The water rapidly started rising until our whole bodies were submerged, and we were left with no time to grab any essentials except the pajamas we had on and our dog Lily (a small cockapoo).

We struggled to get out of there, almost drowning with the water nearly reaching the ceiling, but my husband managed to get us both out swimming and alive! We lost everything: our clothes, everyday essentials, personal savings, and family photos.

We still have each other, and that is what matters. But we no longer have a home or car. We will be starting from scratch and are asking our community for support at this time. Any help is so greatly appreciated, and hopefully, one day, we can return the love in any way we can. Thank you ❤️


Comment below if anyone you know needs assistance, and Thank you for any contributions you were able to make.

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