Magic’s in the air

May you have the Gladness of Christmas which is Hope; the Spirit of Christmas which is Peace; the Heart of Christmas which is Love.

Ada V. Hendricks

Today’s officially December – it’s my favorite month of the year and the most magical of all the months. I truly love everything about December: Fabulous boots, cozy sweaters, hot chocolate, colder nights, snow, bright lights, the look of untouched snow, catching snowflakes, the smell of cinnamon, ornaments shopping and of course Christmas. Yes, I’m one of those people who is actually depressed on Dec. 26th – the Hallmark Channel becomes my best friend from Oct. 31st, I listen to Christmas Carols every day and sing aloud in my car. A little nutty you say, I think not – it’s called the Spirit of Christmas, A feeling I wish would stay with us throughout the year.

If you’ve truly taken the time to enjoy December you’ll realize the atmosphere is different – I believe Magic comes alive, people are kinder and more forgiving, dreams come through, Love is in everything, Joy is everywhere, Hope is encouraged and Faith is evident. Some believe December is the month to finish what we’ve started in the previous months. I believe that if you’re there, close to the finish line, then finish with a bang and celebrate each and every win. If you’re not close to the finish line it’s ok – be kind and gentle with yourself, use December to really put your priorities, plans, and goals in place no need to wait for January 1st do it today December 1 and let the magic work.

On this December 1st, I send you all blessings of Magic, Peace, Love, and Joy – I urge you to open your hearts to not only others but to yourselves, embrace the spirit of Christmas and allow it to flow abundantly.


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