March 2022 Theme: The Power of a Woman

I am embracing March with courage, excitement, and celebration. 

The month of March is quite a special month for me. It is the month I was born. And it is Women’s History Month. Sadly, now there is a sad memory attached to March. It is the month my dad got sick last year.

As I write this article, the memory is so vivid. Last year I sat by Dad’s bedside feeling helpless and wishing it was March of 2020. For my entire adult life, he called me at midnight without fail. 

I know he would want me to celebrate my birthday this year. And I will because I now know the importance of honoring our lives while still alive. 

In December, when I was choosing the Themes for the upcoming months, I wanted an empowering theme—one worthy of celebrating. One that was positive and empowering.

This month’s theme is The Power of A Woman. 

A few years ago, I came across an article about women. And the opening paragraph stated, “Never underestimate the power of a woman.” It stuck with me. I researched and found that the slogan was created to promote Ladies’ Home Journal in 1941 by an advertising agency. During that time, women were emerging as an economic powerhouse. 

As a woman, I know how powerful we are. A year ago, I probably would not have openly or confidently said, “women are powerful.” I was uncomfortable acknowledging my power. Women generally are. And that is why we are often underestimated. 

Each time I (re)discover something about myself. I feel empowered and inspired. With each discovery, I understand and embrace my power more deeply. 

This month, we will feature extraordinary women — women who have embraced their power and influenced History. And women who have shown us that it is perfectly ok to be powerful and soft and feminine. We will share tips on reclaiming and embracing the source of our power, “our femininity.” And so much more.

Happy March, Dahling — Have a fabulous Month.


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