Hello dahlings

It’s been a while since I’ve published anything although I’ve kept up the habit of writing daily, it’s the editing that takes up the time and leads to procrastination.

I can’t believe it’s March already – where has the time gone? 2019 seems to be moving just as fast as all the other years, be mindful of that and bottle those beautiful moments and experiences that you’re creating. I wish I could say my year has been Fabulous this far, it has been just ok or less than ok in some situations and in all honesty, for the most part, it has been challenging as I try to navigate life and find some clarity.

I try to remember that life isn’t without challenges, because it’s the challenges that give us the strength and perspective to create the lives we want to live. A quote by Napoleon Hill, from the classic Think & Grow Rich always seems to come to mind as I think of challenges:

In every adversity there is a seed to a greater or an equivalent benefit.

We all must remember that we are responsible for our lives and as such must make every effort to eliminate the things and/or people that are causing us to feel pain, unworthiness or are creating challenges in our life that aren’t necessary. I find the more I work on myself the more Challenges seem to pop up, many of which I can eliminate by taking responsibility for my life and not allowing others to mistreat me. I sometimes neglect to remember that we teach the people we encounter in life how to treat us and it is always necessary to be bold, blunt and assertive with others because it’s all for the greater good of our sanity and our peace of mind.

I made the decision early in the year to navigate life one day at a time, to learn new things every day, to continue to be strong, to make healing my mind and my body a priority. I believe these things are necessary right now for me to forge ahead and continue to create my life. It’s the first year I have not written down a single goal and at first that created a sort of panic. My very wise cousin said “don’t force it – let it reveal itself” and that’s what I’m doing. Sometimes we force things while our opportunities are passing us by. We tend to focus so hard on what we want that we’ve lost sight of what we deserve.

I am not writing this to be a Debbie Downer, I’m writing this because I know we are all dealing with something and I want you to know you’re not alone just like I know and believe I’m not alone.

My hope is that many of you are having a great and successful year thus far (keep up the good work) and if you’re having a challenging year, it’s ok. Remember you got this, every new day gives us new opportunities to change, adjust, refocus, re-strategize and kick-ass – take advantage of those precious opportunities.

March I believe is that special month, not because it’s the month I was born (although that makes it super special), it’s special because all of the pressures of the New Year have subsided, things start flowing and there’s a breath of fresh air. I woke up this morning to March, I  inhaled deeply and then I exhaled all the Bullsh#$.

Cheers to a fabulous rest of the year, we have much to do and experience. Keep going on the journey is what’s worthwhile.





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