May Flowers

Dearest Dahlings,

I’m sending wishes of a fabulous May. I hope you and your family are safe. I can’t believe it’s May already — some days seem to roll into each other. When I’m not outdoors, it’s easy to ask myself, what day is it? Sunday, Monday? Maybe Saturday.

May is a good-tempered month—it’s the one month that feels like spring. It’s not too chilly and indeed not too hot. Of course, it’s the month we celebrate our mothers. It’s the month I used to celebrate my sister, my twin nephews, and my grandmother.

I believe I fell more in love with May when my nephews were born seven years ago. They were the most adorable little things had ever seen. I had nieces already, but those two baby boys in my life were very different. The only thing I dislike about May is my struggles with allergies.

This year it is a bittersweet month for me. Yes, I‘m happy to celebrate my mom, the birth of my sister, and my nephews, but it is also one year since my grandmother passed on.

I’m looking forward to celebrating my grandmother’s memories. I miss her being here physically. I miss our calls, her hugs, and just knowing that she was always there. A phone call away.

I’m quite sure this month won’t be all roses  — I may be emotional; I may feel sad, etc. But I’m still gratefully looking forward to beautiful experiences this month. I will make the most of the month, and I urge you to do the same.

Our lives aren’t back to normal, and I don’t think it will ever get back to what we called normal before COVID-19. But I do know that we were all placed in a unique position to create a normal that satisfies the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of us.

I kicked this month off, really focusing on wellness — my wellness.

Being at home doesn’t mean doing less — in some cases, it means doing more. All of the things that have been lingering on my very long to-do list suddenly seem essential, and I felt pressured to get them done. But instead of feeling productive and accomplished — I have been unable to sleep, irritable, and felt like I wasted precious time. This entire experience made me look at things differently and also made me look at my life in terms of priorities (I’ll share more later).

Take some time and tune in — what does wellness mean for you? Merriam-Webster defines wellness as

the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal

I believe wellness involves more than being in a state of good health — I think it’s a philosophy on how we live and how we grow as human beings.

So what does wellness means to you? We will follow up throughout this month by providing helpful information on wellness. And we are also launching a new series.

Post Cards from Brooklyn: Quarantine

This new series will share personal stories from around Brooklyn — people are sharing things they’ve learned, experienced, etc. while being quarantined. Raw, naked, and vulnerable stories shared with us by a few courageous people. Join us on Wednesday for the first story.

As always, Sending Love — Stay Safe.

Cheers to a fabulous May






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