Mo’s Bar + Lounge Presents the Largest Black-Owned Wines + Spirits Collection.

Mo's Bar + Lounge

As Black History Month ends, join us in highlighting Mo’s Bar + Lounge. A black-Owned Bar + Lounge and a Fort Greene staple that has been a fixture in the neighborhood for 22 years. Last night I experienced Mo’s Black Excellence, Cocktail & Cuisine, and it was not only a great way to close out Black History Month but an excellent way to learn something new about an establishment I have been a
patron of for many years.

In addition, last night was the perfect reminder of the importance of knowing the businesses you support [where is your money going?], continuing to highlight Black-Owned brands and understanding why it is essential for Blacks and African Americans to support Black-Owned brands.

Mo’s Owner, Calvin Clark, supports Black-Owned wines and spirits brands.

Mo’s Bar + Lounge owner Calvin Clark understands the benefits and importance of seeking out and partnering with other Black-Owned brands.

The Black consumer spends $835 billion a year, which accounts for approximately ten percent of the overall consumption, yet many products and services are not specifically tailored to the Black consumer. Can you imagine what it would mean for our communities if we made the products and services we use and consume for ourselves? While this is not that kind of article–it does create food for thought.

For Black History Month, Mo’s presented the most Black-Owned or featured beer, wine, and spirits menu for customers, old and new, to experience. And Clark aims to continue to shine the light on the rise of Black-owned spirits and wines by featuring and highlighting those brands at Mo’s Bar + Lounge, making them more accessible to his patrons.

“Black people spend well over $2 billion dollars a year on alcohol consumption. A minuscule portion of those companies are owned and operated by African-Americans. In order to increase the circulation of Black dollars in our community, and have a stake in America’s economic engine, we must own and operate businesses that produce products that we use and consume. As a bar owner, wanting to make a difference, I have begun to seek out black owned brands. Although currently small in numbers, they are growing. My focus is to bring attention to these brands, so that we can consciously and collectively make the choice to support them.”

Calvin Clark, Owner, Mo’s Bar + Lounge

What you should expect for Mo’s Bar + Lounge

If you have ever Yelped Mo’s Bar, you have seen mixed reviews, and I would agree on a few of the negative points; however, not a large number of them. So here is my honest take on Mo’s.

The space features an eclectic atmosphere that is easygoing, casual, and relaxed. From the rainbow lights to the album-covered wall, It is the perfect place to experience with friends [great for large groups], watch a game or just for a Nightcap and listen to good music. But, of course, some nights are busier than others.

You can practice singing [karaoke night], show off your dance moves [amazing DJs], laugh your head off [comedy night], enjoy a great cocktail, glass of wine, or beer, and eat tasty bar food.

The staff is friendly, and the service is fast and kind, even on a busy night. The security is warm, social, and respectful.

The vibe is always fabulous. I have never had a bad experience in the ten-plus years I have been visiting. The cocktails are always tasty and well-balanced, and consistent. The bartenders are kind and will check in to see if you need a drink of water and to ensure you are okay.

Food + Drinks

You can experience Mo’s favorite cocktails featuring the following Black-Owned and leading award-winning and critically-acclaimed spirits:

  • Anteel Tequila
  • Ciroc | by Sean Combs
  • Den of Thieves
  • Esrever Wine
  • Gran Coramino | by Kevin Hart
  • Lobos 1707 | Co-owned by Lebron James
  • Mercer + Prince™ | by A$AP Rocky
  • Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey
  • And Ten to One Rum

Mo’s serves bar food that is tasty and flavorful. And the waitresses will remember you after just a few visits and will invitingly greet you. Enjoy bites like delicious French fries and quesadillas to the veggie burger with an in-house sauce that will wake up your taste buds.

About Last night…

Mo's Black Excellence, Cocktail & Cuisine

Last night Mo’s Bar + Lounge hosted Mo’s Black Excellence Cocktail & Cuisine to celebrate Black History month–it was as a way of allowing everyone who attended a chance to experience complimentary cocktails crafted with Black-Owned brands like Shinju Whisky, Tasmanian Vodka, and Ten to One Rum paired with a curated selection of menu items. Meeting new people, seeing old faces, and learning about the featured brands made it a fun night.

We drank:


And ate veggie burgers, quesadillas, different flavored wings, French fries, et cetera.

Overall, it was the perfect end to Black History Month, an excellent opportunity to showcase another Black-Owned Business, and a learning moment for me. I have been visiting Mo’s for over ten years off and on, and I never knew it was Black-Owned.

Special thanks to Calvin Clark, Owner of Mo’s Bar, and his delightful staff for a memorable evening.

To speak with Mo’s Bar & lounge Founder Calvin Clark about the importance of amplifying Black-owned brands, don’t hesitate to email

Wilson Marshall PR + Events, a NYC-based boutique PR firm, has come on board to do a refresh for the long-standing Fort Greene Brooklyn Bar. Kim Wilson Marshall is the PR Director of Wilson Marshall PR.

80 Lafayette Avenue–Fort Greene
(718) 797-2849

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