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Moving your body is effortless and natural, yet many of us do not because it appears to be much more complex than we thought it would be–Alternative Synergy shows us that movement is our natural state, and all we have to do is move.

Your mind, emotions, and body are instruments, and the way you align and tune them determines how well you play life.

Harbhajan Singh Yogi
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Movement helps us in different ways. Sometimes it calms our mind; other times, it allows our emotions to heal, and other times it merely energizes our bodies.

Our new normal has made me look for creative ways to move, and I’m always excited to try different things. Yoga is a beautiful part of my daily routine, and I look forward to the time spent on my mat. It’s so comforting. But I need a balance in movement—yoga for release and calm and something else for intensity.

A new component

One of my favorite humans has added a new component to her business. She aims to provide a space to support our mental and physical health.

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Alternative Synergy The Company, ASTC, has officially launched its weekly online dance classes called the ASTC Online Dance Series—a space for everyone at every level. The classes include yoga, flexibility/conditioning, heels, contemporary, and street dance.

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ASTC Online Class Series

ASTC’s online class series has allowed the company to break some of the barriers at the forefront of its strategy. For instance, some supporters could not physically attend classes because of the co-ed structure due to religion. However, now we can all dance.

People worldwide are tuning in — Israel, Italy, Greece, Canada, et cetera. The goal is to provide us with an outlet in our new normal. A place where our mind is restored and our body energized. All levels are welcome. We have an opportunity to connect with our bodies and our souls. And an incredible chance to connect with ASTC’s talented instructors.

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If the time zone or the scheduled time is inconvenient, ASTC will allow you to request a recorded copy. ASTC supporters (ASTClique) are excited about the new class series. Everyone is having a blast and attending classes with partners, pets, relatives, et cetera.

This is a unique opportunity to move while paying it forward.

Alex Varga

Classes are just $5.00; for every class we purchase, the company provides a FREE class to someone else. To be considered for a FREE class — submit an online request. Then, you must send the form in like a paying customer, except you add FREE SPOT to the subject line.

They are all significantly impacted, and dancers are no exception — ASTC online class series is two folds. First, they are supporting the Arts (our dancers). And they allow someone else to move their body by booking a class (or many) at $5.00 each.

Let’s get ready to move — meet me at Alternative Synergy The Company and let’s book a few classes. Tell a friend and join me.

As Always, I’m sending Love — Stay Safe




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