Must Know Things Happening in NYC Now

Must Know Things Happening in NYC Now

There is so much happening daily in New York City [NYC]. And here for your weekend reading pleasure is a tidbit about must-know things happening in NYC now. Some are fun things, from real estate news to cocktails, while others are sad news.

Do you want to own a property in NYC?

I have been a Real Estate Broker for twenty-plus years, and although I am no longer actively selling Real Estate, it is nice to keep up with New York City’s [NYC] Real Estate market.

Because of the volatility of the NYC market, I have had first-time buyers choosing to move out of NYC because they believe they are priced out of the market–many did not even want to see what was out there within their price range.

I hope you become inspired by this school teacher Jenn Leyva’s journey of purchasing a property. You can still own a property in NYC for $400,000 or less.

Great News for Seniors Priced out of NYC Rental Market.

The rental market in NYC is quite strong, but unfortunately, adequate housing is still needed for low-income families and senior citizens, but I do not think they are the focus. I believe the rental market will continue to grow and become stronger. A clear indication is storage facilities popping up everywhere and Banks like JPMorgan becoming landlords planning to spend $1 billion on hundreds of rental homes across the US.

It is nice that the NYC Housing lottery offers accessible apartments in Brooklyn aimed at seniors.

The Essential Cocktail Bars of New York City

Who Does Not Love a Great Cocktail bar?

Especially one in NYC. Eater took the guesswork out of it by presenting a list of The Essential Cocktail Bars of New York City.

retro roller rink

We should plan for Fun just like other things in our lives.

Well, a hotel in Queens has got you covered. A retro roller rink is officially opened inside The Rockaway Hotel in Queens.

There is always sad news ready to roar its ugly head.

This time, my heart pains for the family of NYPD Officer Adeed Fayaz, who was gunned down earlier this month. Our deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

In other news, the Brooklyn truck rampage earlier this month claimed the life of YiJie Ye, a single father of three. While nine people were struck by the U-Haul truck, the Chinese immigrant was the only one who lost his life.

New York lawmakers are doing their best to bring his mother from China to attend his funeral–she needs a visa.

Must Know Things Happening in NYC Now

Are you excited about the Chanel store opening in Brooklyn?

Well, here is what we know. Sorry shoppers, it is only a Chanel beauty store. But do not let that take away your excitement because their products are excellent.

The new beauty store makes its home in Williamsburg on North 6th Street and will open in June.

Food in NYC

Food excites me, and I always look for new restaurants to add to my list and share with you. Well, the staff at bon appétit shared the best restaurant dishes they ate in February, and yes, several NYC restaurants made the list. So take a look at their favorite dishes.

Lenny's Pizzeria

Talking about food–Pizza Lovers are saying goodbye to their favorite pizzerias.

We recently said goodbye to Lenny’s Pizzeria, one of Brooklyn’s favorite pizzerias featured in “Saturday Night Fever.” But Lenny’s is not the only pizzeria that will serve their final slice–several others from Fort Greene to Carroll Gardens will also shutter.

And there you have it, a few must-know things happening in NYC now.

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