NEWLY OPENED: Korean BBQ in South BK

We really want to explore traditional Korean food with the fresh ingredients that we use at The Good Fork

Ben Schneider, Co-owner The Good Fork

Gowanus, you’re in for a treat – K BBQ (Tentative Name) will be opening next year. This Korean Barbecue restaurant will have Karaoke Rooms, a bar, and a lounge. A portion of the 4,600 square foot former warehouse will house 18 tables, many of those tables will house built-in grills and will serve grilled meats for up to 75 diners.

On the menu we can expect sides like Kimchee, steamed eggs, dried anchovies, Asian black beans, and shredded daikon…according to Schneider who also refer to these side as “the original tasting menu” – favorites like Korean style dumplings and braised short ribs will make special appearances on the menu, both of which are served at The Good Fork.

Ben Schneider and Sohuni Kim the owners of The Good Fork, Schneider a New Yorker and Kim originally from Seoul Korea have a specific vision for their new project. Great food, old Shanghai Swanky meets the 1970s NY Chinese bar/lounge will be the theme for the bar/lounge, red velvet banquettes, orchid lights and while it may only be a dream scenario a fish tank behind the bar will bring it all together.

It’s a year away I know but if you drive to the City of Flushing for Korean BBQ as I do, you’d definitely be looking forward to this opening like I am.  K BBQ will be located at 328 Douglas Street at Third Ave.

Image via The Good Fork 

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