November…Norway of the year

November always seemed to me the Norway of the year


Emily Dickerson

I fell in love with this line years ago – it’s always Beautiful, Cheerful and Special. I like that these words were not meant to be gloomy or dreary but on a day like today where the sky is gray and the day appears colder than usual – the cheerfulness seems to subside and I’m shifted into a mood of thoughtfulness.

In a letter to a friend, Emily Dickerson wrote “It is also November. “The noons are more laconic and the sunsets sterner and Gibraltar lights make the village foreign. November always seemed to me the Norway of the year.” changes in seasons can make the familiar appears foreign – I believe we are transported from one mode/mood to another. November is the month of preparation for us, well for me – I/we try to prepare for the coming winter months and the holidays. It’s difficult to predict or know what to expect because nature takes over.

We can choose to be controlled by the gloomy days of November or we can choose to view November as “the month we never quit” – we can choose to be positive in all our doings, kind to everyone, so happy that we sing in the shower and finally choose to stay on those paths towards accomplishing our goals.

Happy November – I’d like to hear your November stories. Whether you’re in Norway or Brooklyn :).




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