October 2021 Theme: Feeling Lost + Pumpkin Spice

October is here and I’m torn between this month getting here so darn quickly and yet it seemed to have taken forever. I woke up today and all at once Summer collapsed into Autumn. 

I started the month with feelings of sadness. I’ve been thinking about life a lot — my life and about how lost I feel. These days I’m especially grateful for my journal as I ride the sea of emotions that are like a large tide that knocks me off my a$& at the beach. The truth is it makes me feel unstable. 

My daughter says it’s the doom and gloom weather that’s affecting me but I thrive during the moody seasons. I love moodiness. There’s magic in crisp air, falling leaves, and cozy days that make me feel completely alive. So what’s the problem? Why do I feel this way? My friend says as women we’re all broken that’s why I feel like this but I don’t feel broken I feel lost.

Maybe we all visit here once in a while hopefully not too often because it doesn’t feel that great.

This month as I work through feelings of being lost and sadness I’m focusing on things that empower and inspire me to feel better. And all things Pumpkin Spice so stick around and if you’re feeling like I Am know we’re in this together and we’ll make it through this month. 

Happy October Dahlings. Comment below and tell me what’s planned for the month. 

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