October Musings

Happy October Dahlings,

Cool crisp air, lower temperatures and the calmness of fall are delightful and refreshing. Did October greet you kindly and in good spirits? I hope it did. This time of year is so lovable, isn’t it? Everything seems to flow, people are kinder, there seems to be more laughter – is it me or is it the season of Fall? Some of the stress of the past few months has fallen away and I am embracing the remaining of the year with clarity and a plan.

In September I experienced great momentum and I hope it will continue in October. Mentally and emotionally (somewhat) I am in a better place. There is still insomnia, fatigued and tears sometimes. Those things let me know there is work to be done but I am ok with that, we will always be work in progress. I feel good for the most part and for that I am grateful.

Last month I started small with a few goals for September and that was the best thing I did for me. Each day I was reminded to be kind, intentional, flexible, grateful, consistent, and at ease. I experienced real change  that has carried over to this month. Better decisions, I didn’t feel pulled in every direction, and time for me was a priority. I listened, I asked the right questions and I stepped back or aside when I felt the need to.

This month I have once again set goals, small but actionable ones to get me back into the swing of things (getting there slowly but surely) and I am looking forward to accomplishing them. Some of the goals I set last month served me so well that I have been using them as guiding statements for daily living. They provided me such great guidance and got me to the place I am in right now. They served as motivation when I needed it and guided me during periods of uncertainty. There are healthier boundaries in some areas of my life and I am more disciplined with my breathing, reflecting, intentions, and not forcing things.

I will continue to use them for as long as I need them and I am sharing them below with the hope that they contribute something positive to your journey. Reword them to fit your life or goals or expand on them if that is necessary.

  1. Stay on schedule but remain flexible
  2. Be Intentional with my breathing & Practice Gratitude
  3. Be kind and patient with myself and others
  4. Live each day intentionally
  5. Don’t force anything
  6. Live each day with ease, mindfulness & awareness
  7. Reflect each day before bed
  8. Say no and mean it (don’t waver if I am confident with that NO)
  9. Be intentional with caring for me and remain consistent
  10. Hydrate – Hydrate – Hydrate drink a min of two liters of water daily (three is too much)
  11. Pray – Pray – Pray
  12. Make calm, peace and serenity a priority (don’t let anyone or anything disrupt it unnecessarily).

Do you have guiding statements or affirmations you use daily to help you stay on track? I would love to hear about them.





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